Trump Laughs Off "Ridiculous Russian Hacking" as Riot Cops Prep for Inauguration Unrest


This is what the riot cops and military units have been training for: the potential for all out unrest in America.

And no one really knows whether or not it will happen, but it could take place on inauguration day. But right now, a cadre of leftists and social justice warriors are pushing an all out assault in opposition to Donald Trump’s presidency – and some are prepared to do everything from bribe electors in the electoral college to push for riots to block Trump’s peaceful transition into office.

His opponents are gearing up, and it wouldn’t take much to push them over the edge. At the same, political opponents in Washington are trying to use the narrative the Russian hackers interfered with the election to impose Big Brother censorship over the web. They are clamping down on all sides!

As Donald Trump casts doubt upon a CIA report claiming that the Russians somehow interfered with the U.S. elections, Congress and President Obama are launching their own efforts to push the Russian hacking narrative in attempt to capitalize fully on the political contrivance.

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The whole thing is ridiculous, concocted in order to further the portrayal of Russia as an enemy and stymie Trump’s mandate with the people, if they can.

Perhaps that is why President-elect Trump dismissed it as “ridiculous.” But that doesn’t mean they’re planning to let it go.

via London Guardian:

Donald Trump said on Sunday that a CIA conclusion that Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election was “ridiculous”, and that he did not believe that the Kremlin had tried to bolster his candidacy.

“I don’t believe it,” Trump said. “Every week it’s another excuse.” The president-elect said the CIA’s assessment was “just another excuse” for his stunning defeat of Hillary Clinton last month.

Two days earlier, the Washington Post reported that in a secret assessment, the CIA had concluded the Russian government sought to influence the election by hacking into Democratic party emails. At the time officials said Russia hoped to undermine confidence in the election, but did not explicitly say the Kremlin favored Trump, as the CIA later concluded.

This week, Barack Obama ordered what the White House called a “full review” of Russia’s role in the hacks …

John Bolton, the former ambassador who is being considered as a deputy Secretary of State for Trump’s administration, questioned openly whether or not the hack was a “false flag,” suggesting that someone within the U.S. power structure could have conducted the hacks in order to influence politics at home – perhaps an inside job to make Hillary look like the victim.

Members of Congress are now pushing the issue… Things are going full tilt into propaganda mode.

Meanwhile, the left is still holding onto the pipe dream that they can topple the electoral college outcome from the inside, while protesting its very existence on the streets. They are also planning to disrupt the inauguration, and do whatever they can to make some noise.

Michael Moore is still claiming that something unexpected could still happen before the Electoral College deadline on December 19th and backing January 20th protests.

via the Inquistr:

Meanwhile, the American people are paying for it in the form of censorship. Blogs and alternative news outlets are being shut down. Collective punishment is taking place, at the price of everyone’s free speech because the establishment (perhaps) did not get the outcome they wanted…

Russia simply makes a good scapegoat, as there is already every attempt to reinstate a full Cold War… and a long winter for the freedoms that the people hold dear.

Article posted with permission from SHTFPlan

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