TSA PreCheck Randomizer at Your Service (or Designed to Remove Your 4th Amendment Rights?)


About a month ago, my wife told me about a new type of security tool that some airports are now using. It was interesting because it looks very much like a normal computer tablet. You simply touch it with your thumb and it determines whether or not you are cleared to go to your gate. It’s called the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) PreCheck Randomizer.

My wife travels as part of her job. She is an educational consultant and while the amount of traveling she used to do is much less than what it is now, I wouldn’t mind her traveling less. Frankly, I don’t how she continues to put up with all the so-called security demands. She’s a trooper.

Go ahead, just touch the screen with your thumb and all your troubles will be over

The new TSA PreCheck Randomizer is a seemingly innocuous tool. You touch the screen with your thumb and then it decides if you’re “okay” to board. How? By doing a complete background check based on your thumbprint.

At the airports who utilize this technology, it’s certainly more invasive than being patted down or even backscattered, yet it is also ballyhoo’d as the next great thing that will help move things along. If you opt to go the route of the TSA PreCheck Randomizer, you skirt around the normal lines. There is also no need to remove any articles of clothing (including shoes) and you don’t need to go through the backscatter machine where you “assume the position” as if you are under arrest.

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Sounds inviting, doesn’t it? To many people, it is that. My wife constantly hears comments like, “Great, if this will make things faster for me, then I’m all for it!” and things of that nature. No wonder they call America the Zombie nation. Too many people are walking dead. They have no clue what is going on and how society is changing and not for the better.

The use of the TSA PreCheck Randomizer is voluntary. You are not required to use it, but you may certainly take advantage of it if TSA people point it out to you. There are probably 60 or more airports across America that have this technology in place.

Here’s the problem as far as I can see. Many things the government does seem voluntary at the time they are introduced. I mean, let’s face it, the income tax was supposed to be only temporary, but we’ve seen how large the IRS has gotten with no signs of abating.

I picture a day when we will be forced to use the TSA PreCheck Randomizer, or we won’t be allowed to get on our plane. It will become that simple. Considering the fact that TSA personnel throughout America have stopped how many terrorists from getting on planes? None. The fact that the technology keeps coming at us fast and furiously in spite of TSA never catching a terrorist before they get on a plane, one can only assume them that government agencies will use TSA PreCheck Randomizers to track our travel among other things. To me, this becomes dangerously close to the government doing an illegal search and seizure.

Think of it. One day, in order to travel on a place anywhere in this country, you may well need to provide a thumbprint. Eventually, people might be issued a specific number (or mark) that will not allow them to buy or travel without using it.

Just relax and give us your thumbprint. Thanks!

If that happens, imagine how much information our government will have on us then? It’s patently ridiculous that any government that claims to be a government guaranteeing freedom to its citizen (the Constitution does just that) can have this much access to its citizens all in the name of “safety.”

Safety has nothing to do with any of it. The government doesn’t care about keeping any of us safe. It only cares about controlling us and in order to do that, more of our rights need to be abrogated. It’s really that simple. As long as you have people who get excited about the newest TSA technology, then the government will take that as blanket permission to take from us whatever they want to take. Those who protest will be seen as the “terrorists” who want to overthrow the government.

Actually, I don’t want to overthrow the government. I simply want our politicians and president to start respecting the documents that this country was founded upon and to obey those laws. It’s not the government that I want to overthrow. It’s the lawless politicians that I want to throw out.

We have a situation in which society is changing so quickly that it is very difficult to keep up with things. That’s exactly what the government likes because that type of information overload keeps us off-kilter.

Today, we have the option of using the TSA PreCheck Randomizer. Tomorrow, we will be required to use it. Yet, our borders remain open and hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants wander into America through these wide-open borders. Beyond that, the Obama administration continues to physically bring more and more Muslims into this country.

It is clear that our government has no interest in our safety at all. If it did, our borders would be tighter than TSA security checks and Muslims from radicalized countries would not necessarily be shipped into America en masse. I’m not saying that they don’t need help, but they are brought in without any security checks at all.

This should tell us what our government is intending to bring about.

My advice? Fly less if you can. Stay away from TSA checkpoints, even when you find them on America’s roads. Eventually, this may be very difficult to do. Ultimately, the government may not want us to travel anywhere without their permission. It could easily come to that.

Stay tuned and remember, Big Brother is increasingly watching YOU.

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