Undercover Video: Obama workers enable double-voting across state lines


A new undercover video from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas shows how an Obama for America staffer gives advice to an undercover reporter on how to vote twice in the upcoming election. She even includes a ballot in the process. Obama for America Houston Director Stephanie Caballero is the salaried employee of the Democrat National Committee. The undercover reporter explains that she wants to vote in two states: Texas and Florida.

According to O’Keefe, “These individuals showed no concern whatsoever when our investigators declared their intention to vote multiple times for President Obama. In fact, they were happy to help, even going so far as to provide the forms necessary to commit the fraud and offering advice on how to avoid getting caught.”

His website reports,

For much of 2012, Project Veritas has been conducting an ongoing series of investigations in more than a dozen states demonstrating the ease with which election fraud can be committed and legitimate voters can be disenfranchised. And they’ve shown that no one is immune. In April, a Project Veritas investigator was even offered the ballot of Attorney General Eric Holder himself.

“But no matter how many times we’ve proven the danger,” said O’Keefe, “our concerns have been dismissed by the media while efforts to correct the problem at the state level have been actively blocked by the Obama administration. Now we know why.”

This latest footage was gathered over several weeks in Texas and New Jersey. It shows Obama campaign workers, including Organizing for America Regional Field Director Stephanie Caballero, providing material assistance to individuals who state explicitly that they intend to commit election fraud.

There is no doubt that these workers know exactly what they are doing.

When the undercover reporter asks for help to vote twice, Caballero says, “Oh my god this is so funny. It’s cool though!”

Far from cool, it’s a federal crime. Former DOJ Attorney Christian Adams explains:

Obama campaign attorney Robert Bauer should be emailing memos to every paid staffer detailing 42 USC 1973i(e) and 42 USC § 1973gg–10(2). The former federal law makes it illegal to vote twice. The latter law prohibits fraudulent voting in a federal election. 18 USC 2 makes it illegal to aid and abet election fraud.

Encouraging voter participation of marginal legality is nothing new for the Obama campaign. In 2008, they had an elaborate web portal for college students, encouraging some to register to vote where they went to school, discouraging others. The overall goal was to get students attending college in battleground states registered to vote in those states regardless of their actual domicile. If a student from a battleground state went to college in a safe red or blue state, they were encouraged to keep their registration in their home battleground state.

The Obama campaign website in 2008 never told the students to cancel their original voter registration. Nor did it provide guidelines for what constituted bona fide domicile.

Currently, voter watchdog groups like True the Vote are conducting data crunching to determine who may have violated federal election law in 2008 by voting in two states for President. If someone does it again in 2012, it will eventually be caught thanks to the efforts of private parties combing voter rolls.

Hans von Spakovsky, senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation in Washington said, “It’s absolutely illegal to help someone double vote.” he cited 42 U.S.C.1973gg-10.

Watchdog.org reports,

“A lot of people don’t realize that, in addition to everything that everyone knows about the National Voter Registration Act — that it allowed mail-in ballots and registration through vehicle licensing departments — the last part of the statute put in criminal penalties for fraudulent registration,” said von Spakovsky, who had not yet seen the video.

Chief among the crimes outlined in the code, said von Spakovsky, is the requirement that “you can only register someplace where your claim to be a permanent resident. Obviously, you can’t be a resident of two states.”

Von Spakovsky said helping a voter cast two ballots “would be a violation because you’re submitting fraudulent information in a registration form.”

He said prosecutors might also charge voter-registration workers in similar situations with more general violations — conspiracy, for instance, and aiding and abetting a criminal act.

We all know that there is shenanigans that take place across the voting spectrum, but to actually help someone like this from a campaign and it be caught on video is truly amazing. What are the implications of the ability to vote twice? Well, let’s just say this video demonstrates exactly why Voter ID laws need to be in place so that we don’t have to be concerned with whether someone is voting twice or not.

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