United Nations R2P – The Mouse That Roared Globally


Sometimes life imitates art. Such is the case with a movie from 1959 called “The Mouse That Roared,” a satire on how a small country is in debt and decides the way out of it is to declare war on the United States, lose the war, and then ask for foreign aid. It was a comedy on how to bribe the rich Americans into saving the Duchy of Grand Fenwick. The twist in the movie is that the Duchy wins the war by grabbing an American who holds an ultimate weapon that can destroy the earth. At this point, the leaders of the Duchy (all played by Peter Sellers) have to figure out how to win the war, but lose the bribe. Who gives aid to whom?

Sometimes, art imitates life, then life imitates art, then reverses again while art imitates life once more. Round and round we go.

The premise of the movie, “The Mouse That Roared,” recalls the American rehabilitation of Germany and Japan after WWII. In the eyes of the third world, I suppose America suddenly looked like Santa Claus and the Savior all at the same time. Enemy nations got the spoils after being defeated by the U.S. Now that was quite a departure from history where to the victor went the spoils. Post WWII brought us a new paradigm, “to the loser goes the spoils.”

Now we have the UN, on behalf of all smaller nations, basically doing the same thing, i.e. bribing the United States for aid to support their conjured up doctrine called “Responsibility to Protect.” Some third world dictator misbehaves, abuses his citizens, builds a nuclear weapon, or generally acts like a brute, and the UN decides the United States (and the Western civilized countries) must now step in, bomb the hell out of the misbehaving and then go in and “protect” the supposed innocent, rebuilding the infrastructure of the offending nation. If you ever had a problem with America being the “policeman of the world,” well I expect you aren’t too keen on R2P.

Obama is playing Peter Sellers, as he played all of the parts of the Duchy of Grand Fenwick. Only this time the UN is giving shelter to Obama’s global playmates who think the United States is just the plum worth picking. The Clinton’s are terribly keen on this philosophy also, but Obama is over the top on it. The UN has become the director of the movie, with the George Soros as the producer and Obama as the “star” of the movie. Americans get the dubious honor of being the financiers of the entire production.

If we were successfully exporting American ideals, third world dictators would have a “Responsibility to Behave.” Instead, we are exporting the “Mouse That Roared” across the globe with American blood, sweat, and tears.

I don’t like paying for this incarnation of life imitating the movie. The satire has gone too far. Life is following this piece of art too closely. Global actors learned to play Peter Sellers’ parts too well. The UN is playing with our sovereignty, our money, and our lives. The R2P doctrine is life imitating satirical art and the comedy is no longer funny.

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