US Looting Gold from Ukraine While No One is Looking?


The Global Elite (GE) have made themselves wealthy off of the resources (both financial and natural) of other countries for decades. This is one of the reasons why wars, military conflicts, and civil unrest works so well for them and why they continue to do what they can to ensure that society is always in a state of flux. This serves a number of purposes. By keeping things at a level where the average person has no clue about what’s going to happen next, it keeps people at a level of expectation and fear. Could war with Ukraine trigger a nuclear war? Could the recent hijacking of an airliner be used against us in another 9/11?

These questions and others like them cause most people to urge the government to make us safer. This is not the government’s job, but they’ll gladly pretend that this is what they want to accomplish on our behalf.

Keeping society in a state of flux works well for the GE also because it allows them to do things under cover of a military action or something else. While something is happening over there, the real threat is happening in another area altogether. Most people are looking at the other event though. This is exactly what the best magicians do, and even though we know they are using some sort of “trick” or illusion, it is very difficult for us to follow their sleight of hand. This may be the case with the US looting gold from Ukraine, as the world watches news about a hijacked airliner and waits to see what Putin will do next.


Now you see it; now you don’t

It is said that during the time just prior to when the United States entered WWII, our great leaders were looking for a reason to enter the war. It hass also been said that either the US government knew before hand that Japan was going to attack Pearl Harbor, or created a situation where Japan would want to attack Pearl Harbor. Many books have been written on this subject.

Interestingly enough, Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) was the president during that period of time and it was he who signed the declaration of war in 1941. Wars work well for the GE because they make a ton of money and people lose their lives. One of the believed goals of the GE is to reduce the population of the world and wars do a fairly nice job of making that happen.

But during a time of war there is also a great deal of confusion. With the U.S. involvement in overthrowing Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi, it is believed that the U.S. (with the help of then Secretary Hilary Clinton) looted that country of millions of dollars. Do a search of the ‘Net and you’ll find any numbers of articles that deal with this premise. It is too unbelievable to be true?

Dr. Dennis Cuddy has written about how the GE (he calls them the Power Elite or PE) looted Russia under Yeltsin, just prior to Putin’s rise to power. Reading many of Cuddy’s articles is like seeing history in a whole new light! So while the GE makes a lot of money with arms sales (often supporting both sides of a conflict), they also make money by simply going in during all the confusion and relieving a company of their financial assets.

This may be what’s happening with Ukraine too. I’m going under the premise that the U.S. government is essentially a puppet for the GE. President Obama is likely the best puppet they’ve had to date because he is trying so hard to impress them in order to be accepted into the inner circle. Will that ever happen? It’s doubtful because Neo-Nazis like David Rockefeller fully believe in the superiority of his group – the GE – and while many people are agents of the GE, they are not part of the GE in any other form. These people do the grunt work for the GE and they are dispensible.

But according to at least one individual, the United States has been involved in removing millions of dollars worth of gold from Ukraine. “According to reports out of Kiev, the US has quietly transfers 33 tons of Ukrainian gold out of the country and back to vaults in the US. Presumably, this sovereign wealth transfer would be counted as partial ‘collateral’ for a fresh round of IMF, US FED, and ECB paper debt that is currently being organised for dumping onto the Ukraine.”

The idea that the US (or any nation) can simply go in and transfer 33 tons of gold out of Ukraine and into US vaults sounds preposterous, but when research and study bears out the fact that this is what the GE does, it’s not that hard to believe. It seems that once the GE (via the US) gets its hands on another country’s gold, it is nearly impossible for that country to get their gold back. For instance, Germany, after seeing its gold vanish has only managed to recover a measely five tons of what was taken from them after one year.

The GE is not above murdering, theft, or using mercenaries to accomplish their goals and their ultimate goal is world domination. This is why when events as tragic as they may be happen in the world, we need to start looking in other places because those events may simply be attention-getters designed to keep us from seeing what’s going on in other parts of the world.

Hopefully, you’re paying attention.

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