US Navy Female Sailor Beats Dubai Rapist Into Submission


On Januray 19, 2013, an unnamed (we are only given the initials M.J.) United States Navy Female Sailor, 28, was on a 24-hour shore leave in Dubai. However, on her way back to the port after a day of shopping, she found herself being threatened by a bus driver with a knife attempting to rape her. This modern day “Lara Croft” was not going to be his next victim though and proceeded to beat him senseless.

The young woman took a bus from her day of shopping back to port, but along the route, the bus deviated from its normal course and the driver stopped.

“I noticed he did not take the main road and when I asked him he told me not to worry,” she said.

The driver continued for about 10 minutes after changing his route, before he stopped in an area where other buses were parked and attempted to kiss her. However, when she refused, he became even more aggressive and pulled out a medium sized kitchen knife and attempted to rape her.

She told the court that the suspect tore off her clothes and tried to rape her. “I resisted him to the best of my ability, but he touched me all over. He touched my breasts and bit me everywhere … the more I resisted, the harder he bit me,” the sailor testified.

Needless to say this sailor girl was not to be taken that easily. She knocked the knife from his hand and broke it in two, then bit his hand. “For fear of him cutting me I did what he asked, but when he attempted to fondle my breasts again, I saw my chance. I knocked the knife from his hand, and had him in a stranglehold between my thighs,” the sailor told the court. While this may have been a similar position that he wanted to be in, it was definitely not as he expected.

She said she left the bus and declined the driver’s invitation to drive her back to the port in Port Khalid and filed a report with her superior.

The driver, reportedly age 21, was from Pakistan and was arrested the very next day at his home. The attending officer said that he was intoxicated all the time. Like Barack Obama, this individual was unable to produce a birth certificate, but unlike Obama the court ordered that he be examined to determine his age.

During an investigation, traces of the woman’s hair and blood were discovered on the bus.

K.S., as he is being referred to, was charged with attempted rape, threatening to kill, assault and consuming alcohol illegally. While he confessed to the alcohol charge, he said he was too drunk to remember the female sailor subduing him.

The case has been adjourned until May 1.

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