US Treasury Dept to Implement Sanctions on Iran for Actions They Knew would Take Place


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When the Iran Nuclear Agreement or deal bounced around the empty heads of the Keystone Kop negotiators, Iran got busy violating the agreement as Hussein Obama and John “Swiftboat” Kerry sucked a pacifier made from one of the Ayatollah’s camels. The mainstream media actually reported it. Unfortunately, Obama and Kerry missed their intelligence briefings by turning off the news channels for quite some time. They didn’t know so these clowns bum rushed the Ayatollah to seal the deal giving that maniac the ability to develop a nuclear weapon while lifting sanctions on the nation of Iran.

Prior to the Iran deal, Hussein Obama happened to state at one point terrorists would not hesitate to use a nuclear weapon if they were to obtain the materials to make one or procure a ready-made weapon. Once the negotiations were initiated, this same Scarecrow in the Oval Office turned around to state the best way to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon was to allow Iran to develop its nuclear program — used for peaceful purposes only. Many predicted Iran would violate the agreement since the strict Islamic government engaged in violations prior to the solidification of the deal. In true Hussein Obama fashion, these predictions were “raspberried” because sanctions could be applied swiftly, but it was the best way to ensure Iran did not get nuclear weapons capabilities.

Yesterday, it was reported that Hussein Obama and his administration are working to “unveil new sanctions against Iran’s missile program.” Why? It appears the two high-profile ballistic missile tests conducted by Iran in October and earlier this month triggered a retained right in the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Anyone thinking about these events can conclude that Iran would not be testing ballistic missiles just to put a “dud” on the end of it. Likewise, Iran would not have been compiling weapons grade nuclear material to generate electricity in the land filled with gas and oil. And, Iran continued on the path to obtaining a nuclear weapon, refused to allow inspection by United Nations representatives at its critical nuclear enrichment site, and exchanged information with other nuclear capable nations while still negotiating the treaty. The signs were there. Iran had no intention of honoring any deal since Iran is a financier of terrorism and strictly governed by Islam.

Yet, Hussein Obama and his Keystone Kop negotiators remained intentionally blind to all of this.

The sanctions set to be imposed by the Treasury Department targets “almost one dozen organizations and individuals in Iran, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates associated with Iran’s ballistic missile program,” reported the Daily Caller as referenced in the Wall Street Journal report. These are the first sanctions to be levied since the Iran Nuclear Deal or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) completed. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameini, the strict Islamic ruler, declares that any sanctions levied for any reason or “pretext (including repetitive and fabricated pretexts of terrorism and human rights) on the part of any country involved in the negotiations will constitute a violation of the JCPOA.”

The ink is not even dry yet on the deal. Now, who did not see that coming? Answer is everyone in the Obama administration and the Keystone Kop negotiators. The winner is alternative media connoisseurs. Congratulations, you win the possibility of being able to glow in the dark, being instantly vaporized by the harnessed power of the sun, and live with radioactive fallout for years. But, before you choose your prize, you can double your chance at receiving all three by answering one final question.

Will the Obama administration go ahead with the sanctions and risk Iran retaliating against the united States and other nations that impose sanctions using nuclear devices; or, will the Obama administration decide against sanctions and risk Iran, through any means necessary, using nuclear devices against the united States and other nations?

Congratulations, reader! You are right; this is a trick question. You receive all three prizes for correctly recognizing that either way, Iran will develop and use their nuclear weapons capabilities. As a thank you for playing, you will receive a front row seat to hear Obama bluster, huff n’ puff, and do what he does best — lie and continue to destroy this nation!

Stay tuned for the reaction from both chambers of Congress, who by refusing to impeach Obama, helped provide the prizes you will receive. There should be plenty of hemming and hawing along with a few expressions of dissatisfaction. Expect a few tidbits of criticism thrown in for good measure. Then again, both chambers of Congress could decide they couldn’t care less. Either way, “What difference does it make?”

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