This Veteran Says, "The Wrong Soldier Released From Captivity"


I realize that our president’s background as a community organizer didn’t exactly properly prepare him for the job he now holds, but I was wondering….what was he smoking to make him think that trading 5 top Taliban operatives for a traitor was a good deal? Is it that, he is up to his old habits still smoking marijuana, like he did in his youth when he was a member in good standing in the “Choom Gang”? Personally, if he made half the effort to get Marine Corps Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi released from captivity in a Mexican prison, the American public would now be touting him as a real ‘hero,’ instead of an idiot or traitor, who has (again) violated his oath of office. This was a real “no-brainer” in this humble veteran and journalist’s opinion, the wrong soldier released from captivity!

I believe that we won’t be getting an apology from our Commander in Chief anytime in the near future, do you?

A firestorm of criticism, from both sides of the aisle, has been ignited over this latest move by Barack Obama. A new precedent has now been set by our own President. If you capture an American soldier on the battlefield, America will give you whatever you want, to get him (or her) released. Even if it means giving aid and or comfort to our enemies. This does not bode well for our troops still in the field. What adds insult to injury is that Obama has said publicly that he does not apologize for making this deal. I constantly wonder, is Obama an idiot or a traitor? Now we know he’s not an idiot. Of course, this only applies to those soldiers who have deserted their post and turned traitor. If you’re a real soldier, one who has served with true distinction and heroism, you can rot in a prison cell without the hope of ever being released.

Nixon was forced out of office and members of his cabinet were sent to prison for less than what Obama has done to this nation while in office.

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While I am glad that young Mr. Bergdahl is now back home. If I were him, I’d shut myself indoors and not show my face in public for about….the next 100 years.

So, now we know our president will make deals with our enemies for the life of a turn-coat, but what will he do for a real American hero still held in captivity by one of our so-called “allies”? Poor Sgt. Tahmooressi doesn’t warrant presidential attention, he only gets the attention from a second stringer like John Kerry, who still hasn’t done crap to get him home! But, to be fair to our “traitor-in-chief,” he’s already given away the cow, by releasing tens of thousands of illegal alien criminals loose into our society, so he really has nothing left to bargain with on that issue. Even Dianne Feinstein, who has tried multiple times to negate our God given rights under the 1st and 2nd Amendments , is covering her political behind and saying he was wrong on this episode . Harry Reid and “Granny Nan from San Fran” Pelosi are standing by him. But seriously…did you expect those two “whack-jobs” to not stand by their man? My Mother used to say that we are judged by the company we keep. Enough said there.

I’ll tell you though – This stinks on ice!

What does it take for Obama to be seen as a bad president? What more can he inflict upon the American people for them to say “enough is enough“? So far, he has lied to the American people multiple times, more than doubled our national debt, his wife continues to take four star vacations costing the tax payers millions of dollars and continuously calls the many scandals surrounding his administration “phony.” The sheer arrogance from our president knows no bounds.

Haven’t you had enough America, or are you still thirsty for more?

I encourage everyone who reads this article to call on their elected officials and express outrage over this latest slap in the face!

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