Waiting for a Climate Apology


The Sierra Club gleefully reports that our saints at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to date have forced the closure of 186 coal-fired power plants. They claim there are still 337 to go. According to their data, each coal-fired plant produces an average of 500 MW of energy, capable of powering roughly 260,000 households. That’s over 48 million households deprived of inexpensive energy, and all in the name of combating global warming.

Their reasoning is to combat the emission of carbon dioxide, that evil greenhouse gas that has caused our Earth to warm unnecessarily.

Yet, recent discoveries have found what we’ve known all along. That man-made climate change is a scam and a scandal of proportions that we have never seen.

Not long after it was announced that 2014 was the hottest year on record, evidence has come to light of massive tampering of temperature data to make it appear that the earth is warming.

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Paul Homewood discovered the tampering when he examined NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies temperature recordings. You may read about his findings here and here. He began by looking at the recordings from rural stations in South America. What he found was staggering. The originally recorded data had been changed dramatically. Not just altered slightly but shifted dramatically.

The originally recorded data clearly showed a relatively steady cooling from 1950 to now. Actual temperature readings ranged from a drop of 1/2° Celsius to a full one degree. However, the doctored data flipped the original graph almost completely around. The new graph, the published data, showed almost a full 2°C warming. It’s outrageous! And this is the data that “climate change” experts base their bogus assertions on. And because they’re “men of science,” no one is allowed to question. Oh, and it’s not just on graph or on temperature station.

There can be no reasonable explanation for this. These “men of science” have been lying to us for decades, and this deception is finally, albeit overdue, coming to light. They are being shown for who they truly are – liars and cheats.

This is a scandal of biblical proportions.

Some, like Marc Marano at CFACT’s Climate Depot have been shedding light on this scam for years; however, he explains this latest as: “There’s an increasing body of evidence suggests climate researchers are adjusting to terrestrial temperature data to cool the past and warm the present.”

I have nothing but respect and admiration for Marc, but to me, that statement is a little soft. In my opinion, the people driving this global warming bus have been cheating us and stealing billions and billions of dollars of our money for decades and need to be brought to account.

We on the right have been shouting from the rooftops to anyone who will listen, that man-made global warming is a hoax and a scam. For years, we have been classified by the left as flat Earthers and global warming deniers.

So where do we go to get our money back? Where do the poor scientists–the real scientists who didn’t buy into the politics of global warming and were disgraced by their own community–go to get their reputations and jobs back?

Who will explain to the people who lost loved ones in car accidents, due to their automobiles being made of matchsticks and plastic because of government CAFE standards – all in an effort to combat climate change by forcing car companies to increase their miles per gallon?

How many millions of tons of corn, corn that could be consumed and exported to nations of starving people, have been wasted due to bogus ethanol mandates?

Who will explain to the thousands and thousands of out of work coal company employees that they were fired and their plants shut down due to a scam?

Think of all the money, time, and effort we have shelled out in the name of climate change or global warming or whatever. Think of the government agencies, the bogus nonprofits and foundations that have been created just to combat something that doesn’t exist.

I hope that further light will be shed on this scandal and that more people will begin to see that man-made global warming has been a hoax from the beginning.

Now, I’m going to go shovel more snow. Times like this I wish it were real!

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