Watching The Erosion Of America Before Our Very Eyes


I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but I can say that I am not the inanimate doorknob on the bathroom door. Per the Daily Caller and the Blaze, the IRS is requesting video surveillance equipment to support its mission; Obama is chastising opposition to the “new” immigration bill while entertaining the idea to allow 1.6 million Syrian refugees into the country; the majority of the American public doesn’t mind the government is spying on them; Boehner condemns the NSA whistle-blower as a traitor; female White House staffers are paid less than men while Obama encourages company CEO’s to bring their female employees wages more in line with male employees; while every individual involved in the numerous scandals continuing to unfold under the Obama Administration lies not only to the Congress but the American public. Does anyone besides me see there is something definitely wrong with this picture?

In a recent poll, sixty-four percent of Democrat citizens and fifty-two percent of Republican citizens say they didn’t mind that the government is spying on them. I want to believe these pollsters found the most uninformed Americans to ask to respond to the survey. But, unfortunately, I can’t. I bet you can ask these people where do their rights come from and they will answer “The Constitution.” I bet others would too. However, our unalienable rights come from God and the Constitution limits the powers of civil government in order that we as a people would enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with as little intrusion as possible. I can count on both my hands individuals I know who actually know this. If these individuals think it’s okay for the government to spy on the American public, I would like to remind everyone those who violated the 4th amendment are people you do not know personally who know things about you that you never gave them permission to know.

So if that’s acceptable, I’ve got cameras and microphones I’m going to place in locations around America so I can monitor for activity that might jeopardize my safety. No, they say? If that’s unacceptable, what gives the government the right to usurp an unalienable God-given right? People need to think about that and see if they can get these liberal individuals to wrap their head around the concept that no one has the authority to usurp your God-given rights. Regardless of what the majority of the public may believe, want or accept, our founding fathers framed our government with the preservation of individual God-given rights in mind. The American people should not compromise their rights for the illusion of a bit of safety.

As if our immigration/illegal alien problem isn’t bad enough, the government now wants to appease the UN by offering Syrian refugees a home in America. But, the government says they will have to be properly vetted. Let’s see how that works out since Congress is full of weak, cowards who refuse to call a liar a liar. Can anyone honestly believe what comes out of the mouths of government officials? If so, I have some wonderful ocean view property in Arizona and Nevada that I will sell for pennies on the dollar. Hit me up. So far, the government isn’t following the immigration laws they do have much less enforcing them to secure us from invasion. To add insult to injury, they have lost or cannot find a number of purported individuals who have overstayed their visas. I guess they are too busy keeping a spying eye on law abiding citizens to be bothered with the small details of immigration.

The intelligence of Boehner in my opinion is about as high as a rotting tomato. He condemns a whistle-blower who reported government wrong-doing, as in the government violating the 4th amendment of the Constitution. Boehner’s solution would have the young man tried as a traitor, if a secret drone strike doesn’t get this young man first. Anyone who goes along with his solution is about as useful as an ingrown toenail during boot season. This spying on Americans through the NSA is done under Congressional supervision and hidden from the American public. The government is not sorry for the constitutional violation or admits wrong-doing but asserts it’s for the fight against terrorism. It’s reacting like a child who is seen with chocolate on their face standing on a chair at the kitchen counter with their hand in the cookie jar answering “nothing” when the parent asks, “What are you doing?” The biggest perpetrators of treason are sitting in Congress, serving on the Supreme Court and acting as President. If you take an oath to protect, uphold and defend the Constitution, then turn around and violate that oath, by usurping power not given to you; That is treason.

America, we must wake up and stop worrying about what the Kardashians are doing, who we are going to offend with the truth and shake off the robe of cowardice. If people don’t believe that freedom in America is eroding daily and America will always be the land of the free, I hate to burst the bubble; but, the communist Russians began subverting this country in the 1930s and it’s continued ever since. Read Yuri Brezminov. Even though he is purported to be deceased, his eye opening revelations on the communist Russian agenda to subvert the United States along with outlined steps to accomplish its downfall is on the internet. In looking at things happening in our country, I fear their plan is close to completion; but I doubt it will be the Russians who will be “ruling” the country.

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