Did The West Create Chaos In Crimea and Ukraine?


While western media and politicians are up in arms about Russia’s “Invasion” into Ukraine, they are not admitting to how western nations like the United States are involved in creating the power vacuum in the first place that Putin is taking advantage of.

Crimea overwhelmingly votes to leave Ukraine for Russia, as 60,000 troops are amassed on the border. So, what does it mean for Americans?

Ninety-five percent of the vote on Sunday was in favor of Crimea breaking away from Ukraine and joining Russia, a desire Russian President Vladimir Putin says he will honor.

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Meanwhile, the United States, the EU, and NATO are all opposing this vote, calling it “illegitimate and illegal.” They are continuing to say that they will consider “harsh sanctions” against Russia.

While the West, and Western media, is in a frenzy about Vladimir Putin’s “invasion” into Ukraine, there’s a very important point that media is missing; because Putin didn’t just invade Ukraine.

The push for independence in Ukraine, that led to the ousting of President Viktor Yanukovych, was paid for and backed by the West: The United States, the EU and NATO.

The goal was to push Ukraine to enter the EU.

The truth is that the West, governments and private individuals, funded Ukrainian revolutions for years, including the Orange Revolution, which was funded in part by George Soros and the National Endowment for Democracy.

This latest revolution, that ousted Yanukovych, was paid for by the US government and, in part by, Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar, who invested over $335,000 into a group called New Citizen to help create the uprisings. Omidyar contributed 35% of New Citizens’ funding and another 56% came from US aide.

One of the reasons Americans have such a hard time wrapping our heads around what is going on in Ukraine, is because we ignore what the West, including what our own government, has been doing to create unrest. The West helped to start uprisings in Ukraine. The West funded those uprisings for years, and when the West helps to create regime change, which in turn creates a power vacuum, then we’re shocked and angered that the Russians are attempting to get involved and take advantage of that vacuum.

This story still comes down to the right of self rule. For the people in Crimea, it isn’t about whether or not they’ll be free. It’s about which master they will serve: The Russians or the European Union.

The Crimeans will, at the end of the day, be subject to one of those powers. The question is, do they have the power to decide which?

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