What Does the Second Amendment Really Mean?


Today this is a question being thrown around like a wet noodle in a noodle factory. But to really answer this heavily debated question, we have to go back to those who wrote this amendment to understand what they meant when they wrote it and why. We could just dig up some great statements and place them in here, but that would still be open for a debate. One has to wonder just why is it that right now the people who have taken an Oath of office to, “support and defend the Constitution of the United States” are now the very ones making bold and blatant attempts to destroy it! Do we as a people wish to begin down the road to the bottom by even changing the ideas of the Constitution? Should “We The People” even allow our Representatives from either side of the house to take a strike at the destruction of the Constitution? We need only to go back to 1938 and the early part of the rise of the Nazi Party to see just what happens when people allow the government to “Control” anything!

Let us take a quick look at what one of the best-known Founding Fathers stated about the Second Amendment and why the very idea to arm citizens was even placed into the Constitution.

“When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

~Thomas Jefferson

Just this one idea alone shows the reason behind the Second Amendment and it should be understood that the reason was to ensure that the government would not “take over” and become the master while the people became the slaves. Wait, this is almost what is going on today. Our government is now controlling a number of the ways we live, the Government is handing money out it takes from those whom make it honestly and gives it to those whom would much rather just sit back and keep on taking while contributing nothing but complaints that they do not get enough “free” money from the government! Thomas Jefferson made a statement to that affect.

 “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” Thomas Jefferson

In today’s United States we see our nation slipping away a little at a time and we see the advent of the destruction by those who hate the rights of people. The Second Amendment is much needed and without the Second Amendment, we lose the rest of the Constitution! The Second Amendment is being challenged at nearly every turn and while we feel for those whom have lost loved ones in shootings, we state without a single doubt that if we begin to bar any part of this Constitution, then we open the door to bar it all!

Barak Hussein Obama made a statement that will become a very questionable comment. Ben Shapiro writes: 

In his pursuit of overarching gun control legislation in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre, President Barack Obama has been dogged. He’s been relentless. He’s been demagogic, too, whether flanking himself with schoolchildren (the implication being that his political opponents don’t care about dead kids) or suggesting that if just one life can be saved by his legislation, we ought to buy into it wholeheartedly (a proposition that would justify almost any sort of government overreach).

But on Wednesday, President Obama took his gun control push a step further: He admitted that only the Constitution stands between him and full gun confiscation.

Rejecting concerns that new background checks might be a prelude to gun seizures, Obama suggested that worries about gun seizures were empty, and were only designed to feed “into fears about government. You hear some of these folks: ‘I need a gun to protect myself from the government. We can’t do background checks because the government’s going to come take my guns away.’ The government’s us. These officials are elected by you. … I am constrained as they are constrained by the system that our founders put in place.”

Here we can see that Obama has now decidedly made the choice to counter and try to persuade people to maybe allow him to get rid of that cumbersome Constitution that seems to be keeping him in check, as it is supposed to do by the way, lest we have a dictatorship run by this Alinskyite! This should be very disturbing news to anyone and everyone since it now shows that the President himself wants nothing less than to remove guns from those who should have them the most, the law abiding citizens! By the way, all the gun control laws in the world would never stop a mad man. In the most recent shootings, all were committed by people with severe mental problems, which others had been aware of, but instead of engaging these people properly, those who had the authority just decided to make even stricter controls for law abiding citizens. Criminals and the ones with mental problems are once again left out of the picture! Once again, the government has failed the people by attacking the result of a problem instead of the beginning of a problem.

George Washington, our first President even understood the reason behind the idea of the Second Amendment. He stated;

“A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined; to which end a uniform and well-digested plan is requisite; and their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories as tend to render them independent of others for essential, particularly military, supplies.” – George Washington

One has to wonder why is it that those whom began this nation would have such foresight to see the very need for such an amendment as the Second Amendment, but we should realize that they had witnessed the iron hand of the King of England and they knew that in order to be not just free, but to keep that freedom, the Second Amendment was needed to secure a free state. Are we as a nation at that point once again, where we have to fight to maintain what the Founding Fathers had written down to secure our rights? May God help us if we should have to resort to fighting to maintain the rights granted unto us by God and secured by those who had seen firsthand what an overbearing government could do.

Thomas Jefferson had even thought of just what the government would do if it were allowed to gain more power than it was bound to.

“The general (federal) government will tend to monarchy, which will fortify itself from day to day, instead of working its own cures.” Thomas Jefferson

In today’s world our government is near this tipping point that Jefferson seems to speak of in his quote above. We can see this due to the fact that our Federal government today is feeding off the taxes it has placed upon all of us and this feeding does not show any signs of diminishing at all! Now how could Thomas Jefferson see this back in the 1800’s when people today are blind to this? Once again we go back to the Second Amendment in a roundabout way. This is due to the fact that this one Amendment to our Constitution supports the rest of the Constitution and if the Government can abolish this part of the Constitution, it will have no problem erasing the rest of the Constitution because then the people would have no means of fighting back against the ever imposing Government.

With an upcoming vote on the ratification of the United Nations Small Arms Treaty that the Obama Administration has already signed off on, our nation is on the edge of losing not just the Second Amendment, but the entire Constitution itself due to the loss of the sovereignty of the United States should the Senate vote for the United Nations Small Arms Treaty! Yes, this so-called treaty will render the Second Amendment null and void should the Senate pass this treaty now that should maybe scare enough people to stop it because if that should happen, no one will have any freedom at all because the United Nations will be calling the shots and whatever rights “We The People” have now would be forever lost. Now think of that people, because it is not far from being a done deal and Obama has already given the okay to do this. If this treaty is passed in the Senate, the United States will cease to exist and we all lose! And to think, the Second Amendment is key to it all.

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