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Well it just got real for The Journal News, the publication that publicly released an interactive map of gun permit holders in two counties in New York. Not only was there the release of the names of many of the publication’s workers which led to them hiring armed guards, but now the editor of The Journal News has been discovered and her personal information has been brought to light.

FreedomFighterRadio reports,

In retaliation against the New York newspaper — the Journal News — that published the addresses of those pistol permit holders in two of the state’s counties, a blogger has created a map pinpointing the addresses of the newspaper’s employees.


It can be assumed that most if not all the employees of the Newspaper Journal News do not own guns and that their homes are all Target Rich Environments aka Gun Free Homes based upon the papers anti-gun positions. I wonder how soon criminals will pick up on this and break into these unarmed homes? Only time will tell.

Anyone know where to find CynDee Royle,
Editor of the Journal-News?
We do

Not only did this site get her personal info, but they have published all means of communication for her, including phone number, Twitter, Facebook and much more. Even what kind of car she drives and a picture of her family. The details emerged after Mrs. Royle’s information was discovered due to her not using her married name, but her maiden name. The site also published the Publisher’s and writer’s information as well.

Now friends, it is a shame that things have come to this, but here’s the reality: If The Journal and News are intent on providing private information to the general public as to who has firearms, then it is well within the public’s interest to know who those publishing these things are and where they live as well. As I said before, what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.

So, while I am not concerned for the majority of gun owners that The Journal News put out, simply because they have means to defend themselves, I’ll just bet this will demonstrate the hypocrisy of the newspaper by these individuals crying that they are victims and that their privacy has been violated. They’ve already demonstrated their hypocrisy when it comes to firearms.

Let it be a warning to all those who want to start disseminating private information. The web is a powerful tool.

Additionally legislators have stepped up to enact law that would keep people like The Journal News from getting private information such as that which they published regarding gun permit holders. The Rockland Times reports,

Rockland County Legislator Frank Sparaco will announce a resolution to condemn the decision by the Journal News to post the names and addresses of lawful pistol permit holders in Rockland and Westchester Counties. Legislators Jay Hood, Jr., Aron Wieder, Toney Earl and Christopher Carey will join Sparaco to condemn the action.

Legislators Sparaco, Schoenberger, Hood, Wieder, Earl and Carey will announce support of proposed state legislation to amend the penal law in relation to the confidentiality of information contained in an application for a pistol license. Legislators Schoenberger and Sparaco will recommend a program by the Rockland County Sheriff’s Office for the free distribution of firearms cable safety locks to owners of firearms who are residents of Rockland County.

Information like The Journal News should never be published to push an agenda, especially when that agenda is against Constitutional rights and the responsibility heads of homes have in protecting their families.

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