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There are three possible options that result in only two certain outcomes.

First option and outcome: Vote for and re-elect the Hope and Change candidate that supposedly cares about the poor and uses the words of the Bible as his justification for massively increasing spending on social welfare programs. If Christians turn out and vote for President Obama then he will be re-elected.

Second option and outcome: Vote for the rich, capitalist, candidate that promises to return America to its original foundations to a less centralized government with more personal freedoms. This candidate’s religion even denies the Orthodox Christian view of the Trinity. Mormonism even espouses that Satan and Jesus are spirit brothers and that God had physical relations with Mary. If Christians turn out and vote en masse for Governor Romney despite his religion, then he will be elected.

Third option and outcome: Christians abstain from voting because each candidate is unworthy; Obama wants gay marriage and Romney’s religion denies that Jesus is Lord above all. In good conscience Christians stay home from the polls. That results again in the first outcome.

Reflecting on the first option: If anyone thinks that President Obama is a Christian then let the record speak for itself. This is a man who for 20 years sat under the hate-filled preaching a Rev Jeremiah Wright, a Black Liberation Theology hate monger. I wonder if Rev Wright ever preached on “Loving God and Loving your neighbor as yourself” which Jesus said is the Greatest Commandment (Matthew 22)? Radio talk show host and former political candidate Alan Keyes, even offered further evidence in 2004 that then Senate Candidate Obama was not a Christian. Keyes said that even “Jesus Christ would not vote for Obama” due to his far left views on abortion and infanticide while serving in the Illinois State Senate.

President Obama recently showed more of his so-called “Christian” faith in by claiming to have compassion on same sex individuals who want to have the same rights of marriage that heterosexuals have enjoyed from the beginning of civilization. The President even cited the Golden Rule in his decision. We must be reminded however that even Satan quoted scripture when he tempted Jesus (Matthew 4). Similarly, the President quoted scripture to justify his position. Unfortunately his position is inconsistent with the whole counsel of Holy Writ. This misreading of the Bible is what the Great Reformer, Martin Luther, warned when he said that “Scripture does not have a wax nose” and is not to be twisted into anything we want it to say. Seems this was just a bone to the Gay Rights crowd so they would continue to donate to the President’s re-election effort.

President Obama has led from behind on this economic recovery and led from the front increasing this catastrophic debt burden he has imposed upon our children and grandchildren. Unfortunately these massive tax increases will choke the growth of this economy and our power as a world leader will consequently diminish. When he promised to change this country, he meant what he said. In my view, the President is actually a statist. His god is actually the all-powerful government bent on subjugating a free people under his rule.

Reflecting on the second option: So what would a Mormon presidency look like? There are sixteen Mormons serving in the US Congress. Mormons are known for their abstentions from alcohol, tobacco, caffeine. I served in the military with many Mormons and they were some of the finest officers dedicated to the defense of America that I ever served with. Other Mormon friends I have are some of the hardest working and most patriotic people I know. Devout Mormons are law abiding citizens of very higher moral standards and committed to their families. Governor Romney and his family could be characterized in this way.

Would Mormon theology or a Mormon President be counter to the preservation of our Great Republic? First, we must understand that Mormon theology is a “works based” religion. I think we could infer that good works accomplished by any group (feeding the hungry, blood drives, coats for kids, etc…) are beneficial to our society as a whole. The disagreement is in the motivation for doing good works. The theological discussion with Mormons or other religions is whether good works can justify our standing on Judgment Day before God Almighty. What is not in dispute is the “good” in the term good works.

Second, would Governor Romney be the mouthpiece of the Mormon Church or a good President of all the people? As President, Romney promised to pursue a conservative, pro-growth economic agenda. His number one economic priority would be to grow the economy — helping to create good jobs, raise incomes and preserve American strength. Just as President Kennedy was the first Catholic president and did not act as the American Pope, there is no reason to think that a Romney Presidency would rule from Salt Lake City.

Reflecting on the third option: Christians staying home from the polls or voting for a third party candidate keeps the status quo in place with Harry Reid running the Senate and conservatives being demonized in the House for wanting to reign in the debt. Worse than that, if we don’t overturn the Affordable Care Act we become complicit in furthering the continued slaughter of the unborn under the ruse of “Women’s Health Coverage.” This government’s intervention, never seen before in the history of this Great Republic, mandating that faith based organizations participate in this slaughter is unconscionable. Think of it this way, we have a modern King Herod in office that is determined to slaughter the unborn and whose ultimate goal is power, total power. (Historical note-around the time of Jesus birth King Herod ordered the slaughter of boys two years old and under in Israel to try to kill Jesus.)

What is a Conservative Christian supposed to do? Christians should be all about sharing the message of God’s love through Jesus Christ. We are also called in the New Testament to be good citizens. Therein lays the dilemma, because the world of politics is a human endeavor run by sinners, of which I am one. Christians also understand the reality of the evil that exists around us. Jesus called us to be “Salt and Light” to a dark and lost world. Therefore I should do everything in my power to advance the kingdom of Christ and counter evil. Therefore I have to vote and I have to vote against the current President’s policies.

In light of the recent attacks on our embassies in the Middle East and North Africa, it seems that the current President is more content with appeasing the Muslim Brotherhood than standing strong against the regimes that want to do us harm. Just as I am justified in killing an intruder that comes into my house and seeks to do my family harm, our country is also justified in defending itself against militant Islam that is hostile to our values and the freedoms we enjoy in the West. Justification for Christians to take up arms can be found in what is called Just War Theory.

If Christians cannot vote in good conscience for the Romney/Ryan ticket due to the Mormon connection, please consider stopping the modern King Herod by voting against President Obama. That would be the “R” selection on the ballot.

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