What People Don't Know About the United Nations and the Constitution is Killing America


My wife and I were visiting Tim Brown and his family a month or so ago at his home and he and I went outside after dinner to enjoy the fresh air (as opposed to the stale air of Times Square) and we both noted how we spend time reading three or four books at a time.

Speaking for myself, when I do that, I am not reading every word of every book. I am scanning or reading sections of one book, then I move onto another book and do the same thing. I may find myself going back to the first book or moving onto a third book. It all depends upon what I am attempting to learn. I really haven’t simply read a book for fun for quite some time.


America is being executed by selfish and greedy Globalists.

Of late, I’ve been learning a good deal more about the Constitution and the United Nations. I am probably preaching to the choir here with this article, but in case someone is reading it who isn’t up to speed, then it’s worth writing. A good portion of the information for this article comes from Dr. John Coleman’s book “Diplomacy By Deception” published in 1993. If you haven’t heard of Coleman, he’s a good man to get to know, via his website and his books. He talks in detail about how people are killing America.

Professor Carlos St. John Reuterman has this to say (in part) about Dr. Coleman: “A further unique attribute of Dr. Coleman’s is his five years of study at the British Museum in London, (at the inner sanctum, not open to the general public). It was here that Dr. Coleman had access to documentation available only to a select few. I have not come across anyone on the radio talk show circuit in the U.S., or in the newsletter profession, or any other author in the U.S. who has his unique experience…35 years of intensive study of 37,000 pages of the Annals of Congress, the Congressional Globe, and Congressional Record has given Dr. Coleman a unique, in-depth understanding of the layer-upon-layer of complexities which go to make up the United States Constitution. Very few, if any, constitutional scholars can claim such a unique distinction…” Coleman has written many books and monographs that are available on his website.

What Dr. Coleman states about both the Constitution and the United Nations is information that we should take seriously. We should also note that, much of what the Congress and the President of the United States since Wilson’s days until now have done nothing but tear down this country’s legal moorings. They’ve accomplished this by ignoring the rule of law provided by the Constitution and by illegally using America’s military forces in illegal ways.

United Nations
Most of us – who have even a modicum of intelligence – understand that the United States of America should really have nothing at all to do with the UN. There are several very important reasons why this should be the case.

  1. Sovereignty: As Coleman points out, the UN, in plain English, is not a sovereign nation. Never has been and never will be. In 1945, when the failed League of Nations morphed into the UN (originally, as the United Nations Treaty), it should not have even been considered by the Congress of that time. They also only had three days to examine the “treaty” before voting.
    Sovereignty, according to Coleman, is not just one issue, but the issue. “The United Nations is not a sovereign body, having no measurable territory of its own. It is housed on U.S. territory in New York in a building loaned by the Rockefellers. Under the U.S. Constitution, [the U.S.] cannot make a treaty with any nation or body that lacks sovereignty.” Moreover, the UN does not have its own currency, national demographics, a set of laws or a constitution, nor does it have its own sovereign borders. In all respects, the UN is not a sovereign nation. Because of this, America cannot enter into any treaty with it, plain and simple.
  2. Treason: Because the Senate ratified said “United Nations Treaty” though the UN does not pass the test of sovereignty, this was essentially an act of treason.

Because the UN is not a sovereign nation, America should have no treaty with it. The fact that it does means that those who entered into that first treaty were guilty of treason. Those who continue to push for more treaties (like the recent Small Arms Trade Treaty signed by John Kerry) are also guilty of treason.

Coleman also states that because the UN has no sovereignty, “the U.N. flag is meaningless in every sense. No member of the U.S. military can fight under the U.N. flag without betraying his oath to serve his country. If Americans fight under U.N. command and under the U.N. flag, they become de facto mercenaries.”

To underscore his point, Coleman notes, “Not a single U.N. Security Council resolution, affecting either directly or indirectly the United States, has any validity, as such resolutions are made by a body, which itself has no sovereignty.” In essence, the UN has no authority over the United States of America. Yet, too many administrations (including the current one) have catered to the UN, thereby granting it authority over the US it should not have.

Another issue that is somewhat indirectly related to the UN has to do with the title “commander-in-chief.” This of course, refers to the president of the United States. Here is the problem though. According to Coleman, this title is only in effect when war has been officially declared by Congress and America is involved in a war because of that declaration.

When there are no declarations of war from Congress (which is the way it is today), America is “at peace.” During peacetime, the president is not the commander-in-chief. Coleman notes, “What President Bush did in the Gulf War bypassed the Constitution by issuing an unconstitutional proclamation (an Executive Order) directly on behalf of the U.N. Security Council.”

Regarding the so-called “executive order,” Dr. Coleman states, “Executive Orders, such as going to war without a declaration of war as in the case of the Gulf Wars, have worked to make the Constitution ‘negligible.’ There is absolutely no provision in the Constitution for Executive Orders, which the president has no power or authority to make. Only a king can make proclamations.”

However, executive orders (EOs) have become one of the ways the president gets his way without waiting on a law from Congress or a ruling from the Supreme Court. Yet, EOs are illegal. Instead of standing against this type of tyranny, Congress simply goes along.

Coleman points out that the following wars also violated Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11 of the Constitution: the Korean, the Vietnam, and Gulf Wars. Since Obama became president, our soldiers used in various wars and “kinetic military operations” in North Africa and areas of the Middle East are also illegal because Congress has not declared war. Because there has been no declaration of war, America is at peace. Since we are at peace, the president is not the commander-in-chief.

If we scan over the past 100 years of history, we see a progressive tearing down of the Constitution and the artificial propping up of the UN. It has taken us 100 years to get to this point. To believe that we can turn that around without a revolution of some type is the height of naïveté.

I don’t believe we can gradually undo what has been done to America. There is too much that is pulling America down all at the same time. We are arriving at a tipping point and we will probably soon know what the result of the last 100 years will be for our nation. It may only be a matter of months. We shall see.

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