What's Up With Gold and Silver and Should You Buy Any Junk Silver?


If you pay any attention to the commodities or precious metals market, you know that gold, silver, and other precious metals go up and down in “value” on a daily basis. Much like the stock market, these metals seem to be constantly being raised or lowered depending upon what is happening throughout the world. Then there is what is known as “junk silver.”

It’s not really junk you know…

I have a desktop app that I always have open that provides me with a live view of activity with respect to gold, silver, palladium, and other metals. It’s a bit hilarious to watch, I must admit.

Several months ago, the spot price of gold was at $1368/ounce. I just happened to be in the market for what is referred to as “junk silver,” a term that refers to coinage. I purchased some silver coins as well as gold coins and not because I see them as an investment necessarily, but as a way to barter for items I may need after the collapse; a collapse that is most certainly coming.

At any rate, since that time, gold and silver prices continue to fluctuate. Gold went to a high of just over $1400/ounce, but it now sits at $1272/ounce as I write this (11:58am). Silver moves as well, but certainly not nearly as much, with a penny or two here or there. When I began to purchase junk silver, it was $18/ounce. Now it’s just over $21/ounce.

The big question is why do these metals fluctuate? In my opinion – and bear in mind, it is just my opinion – there are several things happening that cause the fluctuation in the precious metals market, just as they do in the stock market.

Several years ago, the UK literally dumped tons and tons of gold onto the precious metals market. I believe this was done to artificially lower the price of gold so that people would panic and start selling their gold. It really didn’t work. The worst part is that much of the gold dumped onto the market was not even the UK’s own gold, but gold from other countries.

In the past month or so, several countries began dumping some of their gold and I believe it was for the same purposes that the UK dumped gold when they did. Now however, China seems poised to dump the dollar because they know the dollar is essentially worthless and got that way when Republican President Nixon entered into a deal with the Saudis to back the US dollar with oil instead of gold.

There are too many articles on the ‘Net that warn people against having faith in the dollar or our economic system. They say invest heavily in gold. I’m not so sure about that, but that’s just me.

As far as investment goes, I think a good, practical investment is found in purchasing junk silver (coinage) because if there is a crash (and I don’t see how one can be avoided), the dollar will be worth less than it was during the Great Depression. What will people use to buy things? They will have to go to a bartering system and junk silver will undoubtedly be part of that system.

If you look at junk silver from this perspective, then it really doesn’t matter what the precious metals market says today or tomorrow. If a crash happens, it is very clear that the value of junk silver will skyrocket. As one reputable dealer told me, it may well be that one silver dime will buy one loaf of bread. Silver is worth roughly $21/ounce now. After the coming crash, it will be worth much, much more. Can you imagine paying $20 for a loaf of bread NOW? I can’t, yet this is what may occur as a result of the coming crash: hyperinflation after the complete failure of the US dollar.

In the past months, we have seen several system failures. Recently, we saw the giant glitch in the federal government’s EBT (welfare) system that created havoc for several hours as people tried to buy as much as they could because their cards showed no limit. When their cards eventually showed they had no money available and could buy nothing, they simply walked out of stores, leaving their gathered merchandise in shopping carts, which blocked aisles and created problems for store personnel and shoppers.

Currently, America has over 50 million people receiving some form of government supplement. It will not be pretty when the system crashes and it must because it is being artificially propped up now. Try to imagine the havoc that will ensue.

I’m not an economist, but I would certainly recommend buying some junk silver and stocking up a bit on items you might need for the future. If a hurricane was bearing down on your area, would you not do what you could to provide for yourself and your family?

I sat on my porch this morning having my daily devotions and praying, as I do every morning. I thought about all the people who are blind to what is inevitably coming our way. It is incredible to me that people can simply go about life without noticing signs that point to the danger is ahead.

I hope you’re not one of those blind people, but if you are, I’m hoping you’ll wake up before the coming crash. Just as some believe the idea of a crash is absurd, I cannot see how we are going to avoid it really. I guess it all has to do with perspective.

I’ll leave you with this article about false flags. Governments (including the USA) have admitted to carrying out false flags. Why? Because they want to get something done and they want to do it without having to worry about politicians saying “no.”

Read it, take note, and prepare. Click here for the article.

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