Whistleblower James O’Keefe Gets Persecuted by Government Thugs


James O’Keefe, of >nut cracking ACORN fame, as well as various other government corruption busts, including >the scandal of the open border, recently encountered member of the Obama Customs and Border Patrol and it was not a pretty sight.

In August of last year, O’Keefe demonstrated how easy it was to cross over the Texas/Mexico border. In fact, it was so easy, even the notorious Osama bin Laden could have done it! Following that video, O’Keefe demonstrated that it was just as easy to cross the northern border also.

But now, the young, investigative journalist took time to video his recent encounter with the very agency that he embarrassed by demonstrating their incompetence.

Project Veritas reports:

BP, he had never been detained when reentering the United States. Subsequently, O’Keefe has been detained following each and every one of his six reentries into the United States.

>In the latest video from O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, CBP officers are captured asking such incredulous questions as:

  • “Who do you think is going to win the Republican Primary”
  • “Would you really support Trump as a nominee?”

O’Keefe maintained his journalistic integrity by refusing to answer the inappropriate questions and stating that as a journalist he must maintain his independence.                         

The fifth time O’Keefe was detained was in Montreal where CBP’s veiled unconstitutional detention of O’Keefe was clear from the start as they quickly and without any promoting stated that maybe he was being detained because he had “passed the border before in disguise.”  

This unconstitutional trend continued when O’Keefe reentered the country in Seattle where the CBP Officer asked him if he made the “news for the whole southern border stuff?”

Not only were the detainments unconstitutional, but they border (no pun intended) on harassment.

“Our immigration system is troublingly flawed and rather than attempt to solve the rampant problems, Border Patrol is focusing its efforts on Donald Trump and me” said O’Keefe. “I can’t even really begin to comprehend why they would allocate their already stretched resources on me; the only plausible explanation is retaliation because I severely embarrassed them. Truthfully, my intention was never to embarrass anyone, it was shed light on a glaring problem threatening our nation’s security. I am proud of my actions, and sad about how my country has responded.”

The agency itself is not outlined in the US Constitution. As such, it is unconstitutional. However, see the behavior of these tyrants against O’Keefe.

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