White House Claim: Obamacare Seven Million Enrollees – Where's The Proof?


White House press secretary Jay Carney announced yesterday that the Obama administration has as of midnight of March 31st reached its goal of seven million enrollee’s on the healthcare.gov website. No folks, this isn’t one of those “April fool’s” jokes. How convenient for them to have pulled this off literally at the last minute.

According to CBS news:

“In the final hours of open enrollment on the new Obamacare marketplaces, consumers are crowding HealthCare.gov. Administration officials, meanwhile, are touting the strong enrollment figures while encouraging people to sign up while they still can.

“Today’s deadline, and I think everyone is going to be really surprised and pleased how well this has turned out,” Vice President Joe Biden said in an interview on “The Rachel Ray Show” on Monday morning. “Anybody who is in line now, anybody who is on the web, in person being interviewed and/or on the telephone — they are able to, even if the deadline closes, to stay in line. They can get into the system…Get in the queue – there’s still time today.”

Health and Human Services (HHS) spokeswoman Joanne Peters said Monday that the website is experiencing “record volume” with 1.2 million visits through Noon and more than 125,000 concurrent users at one point”

I have a serious question – Just who does Obama think he’s fooling? The Obama administration has been keeping the real numbers hush-hush since Obamacare enrollment started. And now all of a sudden, they expect us to believe that out of the blue and magically overnight they have reached their goal? What a crock! They claim success but offer absolutely no proof.

Wynton Hall at Breitbart does some calculations based on the data so far released by the Obama administration:

“McKinsey & Co. says that only 27% of those who have picked a plan through Obamacare were previously uninsured. 

Moreover, McKinsey says these individuals have an unusually high rate of failing to pay their first month’s premium. “Only 53 percent of them had paid their first premium, compared with 86 percent of the previously insured,” reports CNBC. 

Even conceding the White House its alleged six million enrollment figure (which, again, includes duplicates and incomplete applications), that would mean that just 810,000 of paying Obamacare customers were previously uninsured, a figure that represents 1.7% of America’s 48.6 million uninsured people.

So we have turned the medical care system of the United States on its head at the cost of billions of dollars (trillions in the course of a decade), and all we got was 1.7% of the uninsured covered.

Given the political stakes for Democrats and the Obama administration, I don’t expect hard, reliable numbers to be made available any time before November. Maybe even November 2016.”

To say that this administration is the single most corrupt administration in the history of this nation is an understatement. When they are caught lying, they just tell another lie to cover the previous one. When presented with video as absolute proof that they lied, the just lie again and dismiss it without a backward glance. I’m not a psychiatrist, but doesn’t that make them sociopaths?

I have serious doubts as to the validity of this announcement of last minute success. In fact, I’m pretty sure that not only are they lying to the American people (AGAIN), but as we have seen with the unemployment percentage numbers being manipulated, that it is in reality, far below what they are claiming. The upcoming elections in November are crucial for Obama and his gang of liars, goons and morons. So what better propaganda than to claim success with his signature piece of legislation, especially at the last possible minute? I mean, who cares if they can’t “prove” what they’re claiming, hell, who’s going to hold them accountable for another lie? Congress?

I do love good dramatic theater with a surprise ending and the Obama administration never disappoints me.

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