White House Gags Reporters From Live-Tweets


Well it seems that the White House is quite aware of how Joe Biden is prone to gaffes and as such they have put a gag order on the media to prevent live tweeting of his unpredictable talks.

Politico reports,

Vice President Joe Biden will take questions from reporters on a White House press call today, and as has been the case in the past, the on-the-record conversation will be embargoed until the end of the call.

The curious caveat — who would write an article during the middle of the call? — is a product of the post-Twitter presidential campaign, barring reporters from the beloved habit of tweeting remarks in real-time.

But it begs the question: If it’s going to be in an article 20 minutes later, why can’t it be on Twitter right now?

From White House deputy press secretary Josh Earnest, via email: “The embargo will allow journalists to hear the entirety of the Vice President’s remarks and get the benefit of having their questions answered — before trying to condense a 30-minute conference call about a 20-page NEC report into a 140 characters.”

Should we really begin to worry now that not only are real time Tweets not allowed but also that the White House is demanding White House reporters get approval and even correction for their stories before going to press? This is getting way out of hand.

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