White House Says No Amnesty – Solution Appears Like Potato "Potahtow" Comparison


“You say potato;  I say potahtow.  I say tomato;  you say toemahtow.” No matter how you pronounce it, people know to what you are referring.

So, when White House officials report that President Trump is not contemplating amnesty, but looking for a “responsible path forward” for illegal alien invaders who arrived with their parents as children, it sounds like amnesty.

The Hill reported:

The White House on Thursday said “there will be no amnesty” under President Trump, pushing back against charges he’s become “Amnesty Don” in his push to address young immigrants living illegally in the U.S.

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“As we have said in the past, there will be no amnesty,” White House spokesperson Lindsay Walters told reporters aboard Air Force One. “Absolutely by no means will this White House discuss amnesty, and the president has made it clear how he feels about no amnesty.”

Trump has riled his base with his effort to strike a deal with Democrats to address immigrants benefitting from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which he terminated last week.

Breitbart News used the headline “Amnesty Don” on a story slamming the president for working with Democrats on immigration, and the moniker was trending in Washington, D.C., early Thursday.

Even though Walters said Trump doesn’t seek “amnesty,” her comments sowed confusion over the White House’s definition of the term.

She said Trump is wants “responsible path forward” for DACA recipients that might allow them to obtain U.S. citizenship.

“What the Trump administration will discuss is a responsible path forward in immigration reform,” she said. “That could include legal citizenship over a period of time.”

Well, what is so confusing about this statement?  Nothing.

Trump is willing to discuss “immigration reform” whereby illegal alien invaders who came to this republic as children will possibly be allowed to attain legal citizenship “over a period of time.”

While the children cannot be held responsible for the actions of their parents, these children are now adults and have had the opportunity to abide by the law upon reaching the age of 18.

To allow a pathway to citizenship without any consequences for remaining in the republic after attaining the age of 18 and not seeking legal immigration is rewarding these individuals for committing a crime.

While some politicians on both sides of the aisle claim this is not “amnesty,” following along with immigration-rights activists, it is not holding individuals accountable for their commission of a crime – violating immigration law.

What is it, then, if this is not amnesty?

Despite what some may believe, there is no “right” to immigrate to another nation/country or republic.

Immigration is a function of government and is a privilege.

It is not a “right” someone possesses upon birth that is given by God.

Moreover, this does not address the illegal alien invaders who came as adults that are still residing in the united States.

The Hill continued:

Many on the right say that any path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants constitutes amnesty, even if it involves penalties like paying back taxes and fines. Immigrant-rights activists and many Republicans and Democrats say such a model is not amnesty.

Democratic leaders say they want to model the plan with Trump around the DREAM Act, which would offer a similar path to citizenship.

Such a proposal could further anger the president’s supporters, who want him to stick to his campaign promises to crack down on illegal immigration.

Trump pledged to end DACA at an August 2016 campaign rally, and he followed through last week, saying the program would begin to sunset next March.

But the president has also expressed sympathy for the young immigrants covered by the program and ramped up pressure on Congress to act to address their plight.

Trump, however, appears to realize that a DACA bill could anger his supporters.

“Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military? Really!” he tweeted Thursday. “They have been in our country for many years through no fault of their own – brought in by parents at young age. Plus BIG border security.”

There is nothing wrong with having sympathy or empathy for those brought here as children by their illegal alien invader parents.

But, sympathy and empathy cannot be used as excuses to violate the law or provide remedy from the law.

As many of these children, now adults, have indicated to the media and at rallies, they knew from a fairly young age they were in violation of the law.

They knew when they turned 18 they were in violation of the law.

Yet, these individuals did not seek a lawful remedy, choosing instead to remain here illegally.

They made that choice with full knowledge they were in violation of immigration law.

As it stands, they don’t want to suffer the consequences for their bad choice.

If empathy and sympathy is all it takes to receive a “pass” on violation of the law, then individuals currently serving prison sentences for theft to provide for a starving family should get the same consideration.

The same should happen for those who engaged in embezzlement or white collar crimes because they needed money for their family.  Is that going to happen?  Not hardly;  so, why should non-citizens be afforded a “pass” on the law when citizens are not privileged to receive such amnesty based on empathy and sympathy?

Is that going to happen?

Not hardly;  so, why should non-citizens be afforded a “pass” on the law when citizens are not privileged to receive such amnesty based on empathy and sympathy?

And, yes, Mr. Trump, regardless of their good character, education and accomplishments, these individuals are here illegally, in violation of the law, despite their service in the military and having a job, and should be deported.

Once these individuals attained the age of adulthood, he or she became responsible for their own actions, which, in this case, is not reporting to ICE in order to become a legal resident.

In all this deal making, Mr. Trump, where is the funding for the wall or the action to build the wall?  Nowhere.

It’s the same old stuff, just a different day where Democrats and some Republicans get everything they want, leaving the rest of us empty handed, getting nothing in return.

Mr. Trump, you received support based on your campaign platform, particularly the stance on illegal alien invasion and securing the border with a wall.

To now discard this platform in favor of the “swamp mud” is to damage your support base like so many establishment Republicans have done by back pedaling on your campaign platform.

Right, left, center or back row;  allowing individuals to be exempt from punishment for the commission of a crime is amnesty, despite calling it a “pathway to citizenship” or “immigration reform” to pass some ex post facto law making their violation legal when it was illegal.

Democrat and Republican charlatan politicians are looking for nothing more than votes – Democrats particularly, with Republicans looking to keep Big Corporations happy.

Considering that neither party has worked for the betterment of this republic, one can only assume their contemplation of some type of amnesty has an agenda attached to it benefitting those in office.

When the law becomes a Chinese buffet, where one picks and chooses what one likes and ignores the rest, the “rule of men” is instituted whereby the law becomes inequitable, favoring those individuals who are “pets” of the political elite;  the rest be damned.

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