White House Wrongly Claims RINOCare Bill Fully Repeals Obamacare


Following the release of the House Republicans’ American Health Care Act, the White House wrongly claimed the bill repealed Obamacare.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer attempted to claim that the Socialist-progressive bill put forward by House Speaker Paul Ryan and other RINOs in the House repealed Obamacare.

On Tuesday, Sarah Westwood from the Washington Examiner asked Spicer, “If this is the policy that passes, is President Trump confident in the future that he can say that he fully repealed Obamacare?”

Now, notice the question is that if the bill passes and gets to his desk and he signs it, then she is asking if he can claim a full repeal of Obamacare.  That is the question.

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“Yeah, absolutely, as I mentioned, I mean, the first half of the bill that we put forward repeals it,” Spicer answered. “There are three things, I mean, each phase that we’ve talked about—phase one, phase two, and phase three—there’s a repeal and replace aspect with each one.”

Spicer claims that this first half of the bill that has already been put forward “repeals it [Obamacare],” and not only repeals it, but in answer to the reporter’s question, it “fully repeals” it.  This is just not true.

Sadly, while some things were included that take away from Obamacare such as the individual and employer mandate, it adds many other things, restrictions and regulations, even huge premium spikes if you let your insurance lapse and renew it, not to mention paying for insurance for those who don’t have it and allowing Obamacare coverage to continue for four more years.

Medicaid is not even addressed in the legislation to effect a full repeal, and does not deal with the fact that illegal aliens still have access to the government health insurance.

According to the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA):

Freezing enrollment in ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion is critical to protecting taxpayers and freeing up resources for the truly needy. This is a politically popular solution that would save taxpayers more than $600 billion over the next decade. Unfortunately, the current draft does not stop new states from expanding ObamaCare and does not freeze enrollment in existing expansions. The draft does not even give states the statutory authority to implement their own enrollment freezes.

By the way, the mandate tax penalty is now shifted from the government to the insurance companies at a rate of up to a 30 percent increase in your premium, should you lapse.  Don’t think certain congressmen in Washington aren’t going to get their hands greased with some of that money either.  In fact, you can more than likely be assured the insurance companies had lobbyists helping to write this blather.

The main thing missing in the legislation is the one thing the Constitution allows Congress to actually address concerning this issue: sale of insurance across state lines.

No, Mr. Spicer, this bill doesn’t even come close to repealing Obamacare, and what it is attempting to replace it with is still unconstitutional as the Congress has not been given authority to spend some people’s money on other people.  That’s called Socialism.  It’s a form of theft.

So, did Spicer concede the point when confronted that this bill is not even in the same universe as a full repeal of Obamacare?  Nope.  In fact, he said he didn’t care.

“I don’t care,” Spicer told Breitbart in a phone interview.  “Again, that’s your—that’s not what the president thinks. That’s not what Tom Price thinks. That’s not what Mick Mulvaney thinks. So, say what you will, but that’s the reality of this.”

Right there!  You see the elitest mentality being demonstrated.  These guys, including Mulvaney from my state, don’t care what we think about their dog and pony show as long as they control us and our what we are allowed to buy and for how much.  It’s not about what they think, it’s about what the reality actually is.

However, to be fair, Spicer did elaborate on future phases with regard to a repeal of Obamacare and some of the things I pointed out above.

“There are three phases to this,” Spicer said. “There are certain things we can do in phase one and certain things we can do in phase two and certain things we can do in phase three.”

However, those things are not in this bill and this bill does not fully repeal Obamacare.  Spicer is just not telling the truth when he answered the question.

Remember, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) warned us of all this and this is why he walked out of the Republicans meeting on healthcare.

“When we heard it was secret, we wanted to see it even more because if something is secret, you do worry that people are hiding things,” Paul said. “What we think is being hidden from conservatives is that there’s a lot of Obamacare lite in their bill. There’s a new entitlement program that will increase at about 5 percent a year forever. There is also a Cadillac tax, or something similar to the Cadillac tax that was in ObamaCare. And there’s also an individual mandate, believe it or not. Instead of paying the mandate to the government, they’re going to tell you that you have to pay the mandate by law to an insurance company.”

By the way, I thought Trump liked Paul’s version, where, for the most part, it was a free market concept?  Why wasn’t that pushed to the front?

One thing to look for under the Trump administration regarding this issue is universal health care.  He promised it during the election cycle.  The problem with all of that is it is unconstitutional, and the costs of “free” healthcare are enormous!

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