White Privilege: Aiding in the Fundamental Transformation of America


In just about any university in America today, the concept of “white privilege” is being taught as a means of eliminating what the left refers to as a “racist America.”  The socialists and communists who have infiltrated our education system have skillfully presented a curriculum that portrays our nation as one that has intentionally kept minorities down in order to benefit the rich. This is true, in fact; just not in the way that many have been taught (we will get to that later).

White privilege works on the concepts of “white guilt,” and teaches people that white men are the beneficiaries of “unearned privileges” in society and that these privileges have essentially blinded us to our inherent racism. They claim that the very institutions of our society have a built in “racism” that automatically benefits only the white man. While many naive college students fall for this because of the psychological manipulation involved in teaching it, the truth is that this is the work of community organizers seeking to instigate a violent, Marxist revolution in our society. By teaching the black man that they are oppressed victims and that whites have unearned privileges in society, it is almost guaranteed that, at some point, there will be an uprising.  There just remains one little problem, all of this is based on lies, lies, and more lies.

To understand this, you have to go all the way back to the beginning. The left likes to use the fact that slavery existed in the United States as a means of proving how racist the nation is. While it is true that slavery did exist in the United States, it wasn’t the only place it existed, nor would it be the last. In fact, it wasn’t just black people who were enslaved. White people from eastern Europe, known as the Slavs, were actually some of the first slaves to work American shores. They began arriving as early as the 16th century, and they endured some of the same horrible conditions as black slaves would later endure. If whites were born into slavery, they often times lived out the duration of their lives as slaves. Even when the time came when black men were able to purchase their freedom, it wasn’t uncommon to see blacks owning white slaves, as well as blacks.

You can verify this information by reading my article “White Privilege, White Slave,” or go to the source itself, “They were White and they were Slaves.” There is a great deal more that can be discussed here, but for the sake of this article, we will be moving along.

Another inconvenient fact the left forgets to teach you is the real meaning of the three-fifths compromise. In my article, “The three-fifths compromise and the incremental abolishment of slavery,” I discuss the efforts of left-wing professors to teach you that this is what proves America’s racist attitude. They claim that the three-fifths compromise enabled them only to view an individual “black slave” as three-fifths a person. Again, this is such a blatant lie that, if the whole country understood the truth, we would truly be living under different conditions.

The three-fifths compromise was written in order to limit the number of representatives slave states could send to the congress; the compromise actually entailed counting the slave population of slave states as 3/5 the states population. It was actually a brilliant ploy to end the practice of slavery eventually. It should be noted that many countries continued to practice slavery even after its abolishment in the U.S. In fact, the U.S. is one of the first countries to abolish it and make it illegal. Something the left will never admit to.

The left also goes to incredible lengths to prove that it is the Democrat Party that represents compassion towards minorities and the Republicans as the ones who seek to return the nation to the days of “Jim Crow Laws,” and segregation. Once again, this is nothing but lies.

While today’s Republican Party is viewed by many to be just as bad as the Democrats, it is the history of the Republican party that has been lost. The Republican Party has a long history of standing for civil rights for freed slaves while it has historically been the Democrats seeking to keep them oppressed. In fact, The Republican Party was formed in order to stop the spread of slavery.

While the left continues to make fools of themselves by trying to compare conservative Americans to the KKK, it should also be noted that the KKK was started by Democrats. Also, the left attempts to point to the NRA as being a racist organization that seeks to keep minorities oppressed. Once again, they are lying because the NRA was formed as a means of providing firearms to freed slaves attempting to defend themselves from the Democrat controlled KKK, who sought to not only lynch blacks, but white Republicans as well. To see a chronological list of Republicans standing for civil rights go here.

This brings us only through the mid to late 1800′s and as you can see, everything you may have believed concerning the Democrat narrative is a lie. Let’s fast forward to the mid 1900′s and the civil rights movement.

In my article “Critical Projection Theory,” I discuss the fact that it was once again the Democrat Party that stood in opposition to civil rights for blacks. It was Republican President, Dwight Eisenhower that introduced the first civil rights legislation to the congress, which was later rejected by then Senate Majority leader, Lyndon B. Johnson. The Democrats were in control of the senate and nearly every Democrat voted against this legislation when later re-introduced by Johnson when he became president.

In fact, if it weren’t for the Republicans in the congress that were in favor of civil rights, this bill would have been rejected outright. Many of you may remember that Lyndon B. Johnson was responsible for the creation of the Great Society welfare program. Johnson promised black Americans that if they let the government assume responsibility for them through “welfare,” they wouldn’t have to work or worry about anything. In fact, Johnson intended to make slaves out of them, to turn the black population into a permanent voting base for the Democrat Party. This is evident by his statement, “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years.” The larger point of “Critical Projection Theory” was proving that the Democrats are projecting their own history of racism onto the Republican Party in order to hide it from a clueless base of voters they need to depend upon to win elections.

This represents the true manner in which blacks and other minorities are being oppressed in America for the benefit of rich people; except those rich people are the global elite and government, not white patriotic Americans. Through “white privilege,” blacks are being taught that they are oppressed; they are just taught that the oppressors are all white people. It has reached a point where blacks can actually commit crimes and use the excuse of slavery as a means of avoiding responsibility. Take the college professor who attacked an anti-abortion protester as an example. She actually used America’s legacy of slavery as an excuse to lash out against someone she disagreed with.

Given the level of brainwashing into multiculturalism this nation has endured, it’s likely this excuse may be taken seriously. There was another example where a black man attacked a white woman and used white privilege as an excuse. The list goes on and on. Black on white crime is skyrocketing, and it is the result of the false ideology of “white privilege.” Eric Holder stands guilty of aiding and abetting this violence because he made it perfectly clear that black people cannot be held responsible for hate crimes because of “white privilege.” In their world, only white people can be racist because we supposedly have the power of the institutions to discriminate.

To conclude, I would like to say that blacks truly are victims of oppression. They are being used by Marxists who envision a revolutionary class struggle for America. They have been intentionally kept down in order to rally them to the revolutionary cause when the time is right. They have been kept poor so they would continually vote Democrat, and the result has been nothing short of the destruction of their initiative and their ability to care for themselves. They have been reduced to government dependents, and they keep looking to the same people who have reduced them to this level because they are being lied to about the reality of their situation. They are being used as soldiers to incite violence, and have been put in a situation where they can hurt others and use excuses based on lies. They have been reduced to a level where they no longer know how to take responsibility for themselves. All because the Democrat Party wanted their votes in order to fundamentally transform the nation.


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