Who's Really at Fault for the TSA?


Infowars has a story that compiles a recent spate of TSA infractions. It is HERE, with full documentation.

This was one of the money quotes for me:

Just this month alone, we’ve been subjected to a barrage of TSA horror stories, such as a dying woman being forced to remove her bandages and having her IV bag full of saline solution broken in full public view, a TSA worker caught stealing $500 from travelers as retaliation for complaining, TSA confiscating cameras and deleting footage, an FBI employee coming forward with a TSA molestation claim, a frequent flyer recounting how the TSA smacked his testicles and the list goes on and on.

All this on top of a bizarre new drink-testing policy witnessed at the Columbus Ohio Airport last month where TSA agents walked around the airport’s departure lounge testing passengers’ drinks even though they had been purchased beyond the initial security checkpoint, and an additional, but equally ludicrous, policy where TSA agents barked “freeze” commands to innocent travelers in a weird kind of subservience drill.

Also, yesterday we reported on the TSA’s consideration, at one time, of a shock bracelet for unruly passengers that apparently would deliver electric shocks if travelers got out of line.

This appeared along with news that the TSA is being used more and more outside the airport. Particularly, they are fixtures  along with the Secret Service at campaign stops for both Obama and Romney and their running mates. Does anyone remember the Rolling Stones hiring the Hell’s Angels to work concert security? At least the Stones had the stones to kick the thugs to the curb when they proved (surprise, surprise) to be thugs.

Many have pointed out that the underlying reason TSA gets away with being the TSA is because the American people allow it.  Infowars, for one, is apparently curious how far the citizenry is prepared to let them go.

In light of increasingly egregious evidence of TSA abuse, Infowars has commissioned a professional polling agency to gauge the American public’s perception of what exactly constitutes crossing-the-line behavior on behalf of the TSA, and to learn to what extent Americans are willing to give up their dignity and personal freedoms if told it was for the greater good. One question that we’ll definitely ask is if Americans would be willing to submit to anal cavity probes. [Emphasis added.]

I confess I’ll be interested in the results of that survey.

But honestly, as a pastor, I think the same sort of survey needs to be directed at church leaders across the land. The truth is that, to a very large extent, decent, God-fearing Americans have become willing door-mats for would-be despots and tyrants precisely because their pastors have taught them to act that way. These are the same pastors who think they’re doing some bold and daring by organizing one Sunday a year to have what they call (ironically) Pulpit Freedom Day. On that day, boy howdy, they’re really gonna let ‘em have it, and say tough things to the government. And then spend the other 51 Sundays of the year telling their congregations to bend over and take it, and to respond with nothing more stout than a whimpered, “Thank you, sir. May I have another?”

Listen: attend a “church” pastored by a hipster doofus, non-confrontational, lets-keep-everybody-happy, hair-gelled she-male, and you and the rest of the flock are not likely to be molded and shaped into the kind of Christian American patriots who fought and bled to secure the freedoms that are now being taken from us: Not by force, but through our own lack of conviction.

To read more on how Christians have been poorly taught with regard to God and government and the relationship between tyrants and Christian citizens, see the Kindle book, Resistance to Tyrants: Romans 13 and the Christian Duty to Oppose Wicked Rulers.

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