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Before anyone gets in a tizzy at the title, this is not about all members of the Tea Party, but there are members of the Tea Party who are succumbing to William Coley, director of Muslims For Liberty and caving in some areas to prohibitions of implementing Sharia (Islamic law).

First, from AINA:

In December 2010, Will Coley, director of Muslims for Liberty — a group that decries American exceptionalism, accuses the United States of war crimes, and espouses ostensibly anti-Israel ideology — joined the Knoxville Tea Party. Coley had been involved with the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Muslim Student Association at the University of Central Florida in Valencia, where he converted to Islam. His stated goal in joining the Tea Party was to educate people about Islam and sharia doctrine and counter “misinformation” and “Islamophobia.” But his disingenuous statements and faulty interpretations of Islamic doctrine appeared to suggest otherwise.

In Tennessee, Coley expressed concern about proposed legislation to prohibit sharia in the state. According to a Tennessee Tea Party activist, Coley stated that he was working with a local Islamic school to eliminate sharia prohibitions from the Tennessee statute. He characterized the legislation as a freedom-of-religion issue and claimed that it was indicative of the hatred conservatives feel toward Muslims.

He gave local talks promoting the idea that sharia doctrine is compatible with the U.S. Constitution and went so far as to falsely proclaim that Islamic legal theory influenced American law. Coley obfuscated the truth about sharia, a comprehensive Islamic doctrine that controls every aspect of life and must be imposed on Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Sharia mandates gender apartheid, religious apartheid, cruel punishments, the denial of free speech and due process, and many other such incompatibilities with American constitutional law.

Now you may be wondering about Mr. Coley and if the above is correct about him. The website for Atlanta Music Liberty Fest, which we have reported on previously, Coley is

dedicated to providing educational resources about Islam & Sharia (Islamic law), philosophical Libertarianism, and concepts of freedom. Using education and outreach, M4L highlights the striking parallels between Islam and Libertarianism. M4L seeks to develop a practical methodology for social, economic and political involvement based upon the overlapping principles of Islam and libertarianism. To put a stop to the division and religious prejudice being marketed to our populace. To reintroduce the Muslim community to the Libertarian principles that not only exist, but originate with Islam. It is hoped that this will assist Americans (both Muslim and Non-Muslim) in rediscovering their ideals of liberty and justice.”


“Muslims4Liberty is an organization primarily of American Muslims who are committed to advancing the cause of liberty from an Islamic perspective. M4L combines activism, advocacy, community outreach, charity, voluntaryism and any other avenue that can be used to promote the message of Islam and liberty. M4L also supports the Liberty & Occupy Movements, and those who advocates for peace and justice.”

This is directly quoted from the Muslims4Liberty Facebook page.

I ask you, is Sharia compatible with the U.S. Constitution? Is the infiltration of Islam into the Tea Party good for it and good for America? Is it proper for those who speak of liberty to allow one whose stated goal is to educate and implement Sharia? Can the U.S., let alone the Tea Party, “develop a practical methodology for social, economic and political involvement based upon the overlapping principles of Islam and libertarianism? Is Islam in a place where it can seriously suggest that it has answers to stopping “division and religious prejudice?” I think not. What’s amazing is how many are willing to embrace Islam which has nothing but opposition in American history, including the example of Thomas Jefferson sending our ships to attack the Barbary pirates who were Islamists. These same people will reject Christianity and what the Bible says.

In fact, while pushing his “religious” agenda, Coley wrote a piece titled “Dear Religious Right” in which he slams the “evangelical and conservative Jewish block (sic)” as what is destroying the GOP. No, the problem is not that. The problem in the GOP is that there is rhetoric coming from many of its leaders that is not backed by their actions. That, is what is destroying the GOP.

Coley’s piece also defined the above “bloc” as “a portion of our country that wants to legislate its own moral views on the rest of us and outlaw or stifle the rights of other religious traditions in the name of ‘patriotism’ or ‘national security.'”

Aaron Klein writes:

The radical left Center for American Progress, or CAP, actually promotes Muslims4Liberty as a small organization of supposed tea-party activists “fighting against the right wing’s Islamophobia,” according to a CAP description.

Think Progress, the CAP’s official blog, noted how Illume Magazine documented the efforts of Will Coley, a self-proclaimed Tea Party member and Islam convert who co-founded Muslims4Liberty to confront “anti-Islam activists head on.”

Illume quotes Coley describing how he started going to tea-party events in Florida in 2009 but was concerned about the emergence of “Islamophobia” in the movement.

“I was watching the neocon takeover happen,” said Coley. “Literally overnight I saw groups devoted to economics and constitutional limits turn into something else. Suddenly there were invites to see anti-Islam speakers. This crazy anti-Islam message was taking over.”

After moving to Tennessee, Coley said he began outreach to local tea-party groups to explain how Islam and Shariah Islamic law is compatible with tea-party principles.

Illume reports that after speaking with 14 tea-party chapters about Shariah, 12 agreed to reject so-called anti-Muslim appeals.

The chapters even supported a petition opposing a proposed “Shariah ban” in Tennessee.

How can the Tea Party allow for Islamic law in America? Are things like this popping up in your local Tea Party? Are you standing against it or are you embracing it?

I want to be clear that I do not think everything put out by William Coley or Muslims4Liberty is wrong. In fact, there are many good points made on several occasions, but with that said, Islam and its teachings are absolutely incompatible with liberty, Christianity and the U.S. Constitution. This is an infiltration just as there are neo-cons infiltrating the Tea Party as well.

As a final note, consider the flags that were flown over Libya after al-Qaeda toppled Muammar Gadhafi, and then flags the M4L present on their Facebook pages. First they display a jihadist flag reminiscent of the one waved about in Benghazi. They then present a flag reminiscent of the Stars and Bars of the Confederate States, only they use black and yellow instead of red. This flag on one side has the rattlesnake coiled around what appears to be an AR-15 type rifle with the word “Vigilance” beneath it and on the other side is the Islamic symbol for “Allah,” not Jehovah, not Yahweh, and not Jesus, on the other side with the word “Conscience.” Now friends with this kind of display being propagated do you really think they have the idea of coexisting? If you do, you should really look at the history of Islam. These people are not the friends of liberty.

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