Why Christian Patriots Should Consider Libertarianism


[Late Clarification: Some folks need to read more carefully. I’m not advocating the Libertarian Party here. I’m registered GOP, and have been for almost 30 years. I’m talking libertarianism, not the Libertarian Party.]

I’ve got Seven reasons (at least) why Christian patriots should give Libertarianism a second look. I realize a lot of conservative Christians were turned off of Libertarian thought the first time they heard somebody advocate ending the Drug War. I feel your pain, but let me encourage you not to be so fast to write off the whole system.

Here’s the first reason I think Christians ought to really consider Libertarianism.

Reason #1: Libertarianism is consistent with a Biblical view of Rights.

Libertarianism agrees that if God has given individual rights, no government has the right to take those away. Rights come from our Creator, not from our government. It agrees that any law that is inconsistent with transcendent standards of liberty must necessarily be an unjust law.

Immediately, at this point, we as Christians need to make sure we understand that God has in fact given us, in the pages of Scripture, a theory of individual liberties, or human rights. How has God done this? He has done it through His laws and commandments.

This is how it works. God has told me (and everyone else) not to murder you. In the sixth of the Ten Commandments, God legislates that, “You shall not murder.” (Exodus 20:13) This is a law you are supposed to keep. You will be held accountable by God for breaking it.  No one has the right to murder you. That’s the law of God. If no one is allowed to kill you, then the necessary “other side of the coin” is that you have a right to life.

Another example is the eighth commandment: “You shall not steal.” (Exodus 20:15) If no one is allowed to steal your stuff, on penalty of God’s judgment, that’s another way of saying that God gives you a right to your own, personal property. If it wasn’t yours, He wouldn’t care if someone took it from you. The fact that He outlaws stealing from you is proof that He has given you property rights.

Similarly, the ninth commandment makes it illegal for anyone to bear false witness against me (see Exodus 20:16.) This would include legally, in a court of law, but also through gossip and slander. It follows then that I have a right to my own good name and reputation. It’s like a piece of my property: you’re not allowed to steal it from me. [Even in a blog comment section. :)]

We could go on, from other places in the Bible. The fact that God instituted an appeals court system illustrates that He thinks people have a right to petition their government for a redress of injuries or crimes committed against them. And, the fact that God instituted human governments (Romans 13:1-7) means that anarchy is ruled out as a viable possibility.

God’s laws define the duties, responsibilities, and yes, even rights, that God has given to His creatures. Throughout the Scripture, human governments which subvert or violate those rights are condemned and held accountable by God. If God’s laws transcend the authority of human laws (and they certainly do) then the protection of my rights that I have by God’s law trumps the authority of any human government.

This isn’t rocket science: If God grants me a right, no government can take it away without answering to Him for the crime. But in our day, both major political parties in America have advanced the Federal government’s right to take ours away at a whim.

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