Why Obama Will Still Recite "So Help Me God"


In the latest effort of atheists to reconstruct America without the core of Christianity, they have petitioned Obama to attend his swearing in on January 21st, sans Bible or “God” speech.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has asked Obama to reject the way the swearing in has traditionally been done. While they asked him to use language of the “Founders” and to place his hand on the Constitution rather than the Bible, they do severely neglect that nearly every part of the Founding Documents had references to God, even by those who did not possess great faith but rather reverence for what they did not understand..and, when I say God, I mean THE God-the Holy Bible God..the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The group argues that this recitation of the oath that includes “So help me God” is alienating to a future generation that is secular, anti-God and atheistic: “We are the future. Use this second term to build a legacy by rejecting the way this country politicizes religion.”

While the vast majority of Christians may have a real melt-down if Obama didn’t perform this aspect of his swearing in, I would find it quite applicable. The man is not a Christian, does not uphold any values of the Christian faith, and does not strive to live and execute United States law and liberties which are based on the Laws of the God of the Bible. Why then, should he swear to an oath based on God Almighty, when he has no plans on executing this covenant?

Obama will not abandon this traditional speech, however. He is a man not of concerning himself with offending Christians, but with offending Muslims. Muslims know he isn’t a Christian, and Christians know he isn’t a Christian. Therefore, he can certainly continue to play a part for those who have no convictions about how a professing Christians ought to live out and uphold his or her faith.

The Muslims know he is in office in an effort to mislead. Much like the Jihadists can be described by other Muslims as faithful no matter what they must do for their objective, Obama can be described by Muslims as pretending to be a Christian in order to be re-elected by pseudo-Christians and atheists alike, so that he can advance the greater good of their cause domestically and abroad.

The atheists are using this as another opportunity to further their own cause under a government that has no true loyalty to Christians or God Himself. He has no need to change what has always been done at the swearing in, because he still swears he’s a Christian man. True Christians who love the Lord Jesus Christ already know what he is by his fruits (Matthew 7:16), and everyone else can be pleased as punch with him.

Saying an oath with your hand on a Holy Bible indeed should be a symbolically and morally binding covenant, just as it was in Biblical times, between the oath taker, the Lord God and the people. However, just as with homosexual “marriage”: those attempting to enter a covenant where God has been emphatically asked to leave the equation, the swearing on the Bible has no more binding power than the blasphemy on which it stands.

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