Why There Will Not Be Any Justice For The Aurora Slain


In America, it should not be any surprise that our court system works more for the criminal than for the victim.  We are beginning to come to the understanding that there will not be justice if someone breaks into your house.  The only chance is if he is caught with the stolen goods in his possession and that would only happen if the criminal did something else such as drink and drive or have a dispute with his wife and the police show up.  Yet, we still hope that in certain cases there would be justice.  There are cases that are so horrific and the defendant is so plainly guilty, we automatically want to believe that he will get a just punishment imposed.  Such is the case of the alleged Aurora shooter James Holmes.

Now there are some who have questions about the incident and the circumstances, but all the evidence seems to point to him.  We have the guns in his possession, he was wearing the clothes the gunman wore. One report says that fellow inmate Steven Unruh says that Holmes confessed to him about the murders.  Now, during the trial we have the defense lawyers trying to find out who leaked information to the media.  They say that a judge’s gag order was broken and are seeking to subpoena Fox News reporter Jana Winters.  They want her to disclose who had leaked the information, claiming that it was one of the defense team.

For many this is just a side show to the main event.  They say that they are doing it to get attention, and make it a fairer trial.  This sadly is not what is going on here; it is a way to cheat justice.  At this point I want to make clear that I do believe that there should be consequences for breaking the gag order.  Both the person who leaked the information and the reporter should face these consequences.  These people broke the law and they should pay, it’s that simple.  On the other hand I do not think that this is an issue that should effect the trial in any way, but because it will affect the trial is why it should bother us so.

What has to be understood is that the defense wants the death penalty to be taken off the table.  This could be the result if someone in the prosecutor’s office was found to be the leak.  Keith Coffman reported that this was the end game in this whole fiasco.  Though we could say that this is a very cleaver move to save their client’s life, is it what should be done at this time?  We all know that if that was not possible the defense would not care who leaked what and to whom.  I also would concede that if I were in their shoes and had this opportunity to save my client I would do the same thing.  So then what is my problem?

It is simply this. Justice will not be done in this case because there is not justice in our land.  We have so long been an unjust people that we do not recognize when justice is being perverted.  What we have done is place death of a man/woman as the worst thing that could happen, rather than having to live in an unjust country.  We have forgotten, or stopped believing, that there is something after this life.  And though life should never be seen as cheap, nor the taking of that life as something to savor, we should always and in every case call for justice.  This means justice for the victim and their family.  We will see the opposite in this case because we cannot bear the thought that we would take another’s life.

Even if James gets the death penalty, many of us will not live long enough to see it carried out.  The result is that the families of his victims will be paying for his comfort, heath care, food, and lodging.  They will be forced to keep up the man that murdered their loved ones, while this man gets everything free at their expense.  He will have access to almost everything to which you have access.  When will we realize that we have been sold a lie and that there must be justice, true justice?  God has told us in His Word what justice is and how properly to punish injustice.  Only then can we see people living, not in fear, but in peace.

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