Will the BLM Army Show Up in Clark County for $75.5 Million in Underpaid Rent for Bali Hai Golf Club?


I’ve been continuing the cover the tyranny that is taking place in Nevada with the political prisoners still being held and tried and retried and retried.

Now, it appears the Clark County is being targeted by the Department of Justice for $75.5 million in underpaid rent.

A letter was sent from the US Department of Justice’s John R. Kresse to Clark County Counsel Mary-Anne Miller on August 18 stating that a 2011 amendment to a lease between the county and  Bill Walters set the 155-acre property’s $100,000 annual rent below fair market value.

According to the DOJ, this violated the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act (SNPLMA).

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Here’s the letter.

DOJ Kresse Ltr to Clark County Re Nevada Links Lease – 081817 (1) by Las Vegas Review-Journal on Scribd

However, County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak said the county sent the new deal to the Bureau of Land Management for approval.

They never heard back from the BLM.

“They didn’t approve it. They didn’t deny it. They just sat on it,” he said. “We’ve been stuck in limbo.”

The county has been managing this property since 1999.  BLM claims they own the land, something that we have addressed before that they cannot constitutionally do unless the state legislature approves it and our Constitution requires specific uses for the land.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports:

The county must begin making payments by Sept. 1 or risk being charged pre-judgment interest, the letter states. But county spokesman Erik Pappa said there are no plans to pony up.

“We dispute our liability for back rent but welcome discussing it further with the DOJ,” Pappa wrote in an email.

The letter states the county owes $12.5 million in underpaid rent so far. It also projects that almost another $63 million will be underpaid through the remaining term of the lease.

The Review Journal went on to provide some history:

Walters and the county entered a profit-sharing lease for the property in 1999.

In that lease, set to last 99 years, the county was to get 40 percent of the golf course’s net profit. Most of the money would be given to the BLM under SNPLMA. But the county and federal government didn’t receive a dime for more than 10 years because the course wasn’t profitable.

County commissioners voted in 2011 to change the rent to a flat $100,000 a year while Walters sought to replace the course with a warehouse and shopping center. Under that amount, the BLM receives $85,000, the Clark County School District receives $10,000 and the county-run McCarran International Airport receives $5,000.

The terms of the lease remain unchanged.

First, we all know the reason that the state wants to control “fair market value.”  It’s so they can tax the property as much as they can, and as I’ve said before, property tax is unethical and is, in fact, a form of stealing from people what they already own.

Second, notice the amount of money the BLM gets and they don’t even do anything.  They’re getting 85% of the money when they are unconstitutionally claiming ownership of the land.

This is important because this is the very reason that Cliven Bundy and others are sitting in prison and being treated like criminals while the court attempts to silence them on this issue.

The BLM is part of a strategic endgame involving Agenda 21.

They also have an air of superiority, as one BLM agent has stated clearly that, even though they are actually a domestic terrorist agency, according to former Nevada Assemblywoman and current Las Vegas City Councilwoman Michele Fiore.

Fiore’s claim has been backed up with numerous stories, including video evidence of the BLM’s negligence and downright open destruction of private property, including the killing of Cliven Bundy’s cattle.

As for Mr. Walters, he was sentenced to five years in prison and fined $10 million last month for insider stock trading.

The question that should now be asked is, will the BLM bring their thug army into Clark County again over this golf club in the same manner they did against the Bundys if Clark County decides it’s not going to pay this money?

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