Worldwide Defiance Against Islam Rally To Be Held


“Tolerance, when applied to evil, is a crime.”
–Thomas Mann

Dr. Terry Jones, who was declared number two on a recent Al-Qaeda hits list that said he was “wanted: dead or alive,” with Stand Up America Now along with Jim Stackowiak, host of Freedom Fighter Radio will burn 2998 Korans on 9/11/2013 in protest of Islam, it’s destructive nature and the appeasement of Islam by the Obama administration.

One Koran will be burned for every victim of the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Dr. Terry Jones and Jim Stachowiak, along with others, will be speaking at the event.

The radical hand of Islam shows itself with violence against anyone who dares to stand up and speak the truth. We at Stand Up America Now and Freedom Fighter Radio will not back down. We will not be silent in the face of the threat against the Western world by Islam.

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Why is this taking place? According to an event speaker:

1. To call attention to Muslims who threaten people with death for burning or disrespecting their so-called holy book.

2. To show Muslims that they cannot control people all over the world just because they hold a particular set of beliefs.

3. To show Muslims that non-Muslims are not bound by any Muslim law, scripture, or rule.

4. We will not submit to an ideology founded by an illiterate pedophile madman

Why does Barack Obama Apologizes For Burning Korans But Not For Burning Bibles?

Learn just how inherently evil and violent Islam and Mohammed’s Islamic jihad manifesto (the Quran) truly is.

Radical Islam will not be stopped by the appeasing attitude of the present Obama Administration, but only by a show of force and determination.

Several encouraging responses have already come in supporting the burning in order to draw attention to the real threat that Islam poses to America and Western culture. Here are a few:

“Many blessings on your ministry. There are many behind you – I think the fact that the so-called ‘legitimate’ media doesn’t report anything about you folks is terrible. However, there really are a lot of folks out there that envy Dr. Jones’ courage.”

“I’m an old American (82) guy and I’m grateful that you have the courage to stand up to the Muslim attack that our Government is helping.”

“I live in Kenya,and I am a great supporter of Terry Jones. I will no doubt join you in burning the Koran, with your approval.”

“Good Idea! An attempt to awaken a sleeping nation by making a dramatic event. The Koran is definitely not a holy and sacred book and anyone who says it is must be, intellectually dishonest, an idiot, a corrupt propagandist, or delusional. The Koran is a manual of hate, hate and more hate.”

Note:If you oppose Islam and see it as a threat to our nation, order free Koran that will be burned.To order a free copy go to: Then simply forward it on to StandUpAmerica at the below address:

5200 NW 43rd St Ste. 102 #188 Gainesville, FL 32606-4486

United States