Yuppies + Hippies = Yippies – Starbucks & Gun Control


I was paying attention to a few news stories on Starbucks over the last few days and all that crossed my mind is …..Yuppies must have “the Yips.”  I come from a golfing family and “the Yips” is the condition of confidence crisis that grabs you over your next shot and you duff it or you mishit the ball.  The Yips, a crisis of confidence.  Combine the Yuppies with the Hippies…and what you get are Yippies with the Yips!  I hope the Millennials are not taking notes on how to run a country.

From what I can tell, we have two types of mass shooters in the last 5 years.  We have the Islamic terrorist.  And we have the deranged, mentally ill.  In both of those categories, the government has neglected to protect the public from such persons.  In all instances, the shooters have picked a place where guns are forbidden to be carried by law abiding citizens.  The movie theater.  The schools.  The military bases.  But what does the liberal want to do about this?  Disarm the entire public even more and deny innocent, law abiding citizens the opportunity to defend themselves.  (It suddenly just occurred to me that the same people who claim their property rights for a “gun free zone,” are also the same people who deny property rights to people who don’t want Smart Meters or squirrelly light bulbs or 1.5 gallon toilets. Hmmmm….)

We are living in a society where a lot of people have lost confidence in their abilities to do much of anything real.   Real, like working to create something real.  I know people like this.  They dismiss any possibility that they could run a business or make a product that people would buy, or work for a company that does.  They dismiss their ability to stand up to anyone who is doing something wrong.  They don’t change the oil in their cars anymore or know how to change a tire.  They don’t know how to bang a hammer into a nail to fix something.  Occasionally they will grab a hammer for a couple of hours at a Habitat project and pat themselves on the back.   They take their own bags to the grocery to save the planet while at the same time buying tomatoes grown and shipped from Mexico or Central America.  They are terrified of using up their carbon footprint, so they fool themselves by buying hybrid vehicles…or they are fooling everyone else and purchase the car so they can get the $7500 Federal tax deduction.  It looks good to their friends, I guess.  If they do any manual work at all, they boast about how martyred they are for doing it.  They are usually the first ones in line to reduce their property taxes when revaluations come through.  They are seldom grateful for the labors of someone else, but talk about anything they have done as if they created the Holy Grail.  Too many people are pushing papers, collecting data on other people, shoving their noses into other people’s business, and generally creating nothing but a chaotic mess.  Let something bad happen and bingo, you have the Yips!

Ask them about carrying a gun to defend themselves or someone else against a thug. Whoa! No, no, no!  

Ask them if you should walk into Starbucks to buy a latte with a concealed carry on your person…..Oh my heavens, don’t even suggest it!

The normal human reaction to violence is to defend one’s self and one’s family.  The reasonable action in case of an attack is to try to stop the attacker, be it a snake, a wolf, or a predatory human.  Hence we have laws on the books that allow a self-defense plea …..you are reasonably allowed to defend yourself and your family. (Or you used to be allowed.)  If society and / or government renders you defenseless, who is to blame when the deranged, the terrorist, and the criminal take you and several others out?  Well, the way things are going I don’t expect those self-defense laws will continue to hold up, given the culture of moral relativism and the idiocy being taught in law schools over the last years. 

The Yippies want us to show understanding and sympathy to the attackers.  (Meanwhile, you aren’t allowed to shoot a bear or other animal predator on your own property….poor predators.) This way, the Yippies don’t have to take any responsibility upon themselves for disarming an entire nation that has a 2nd Amendment right to defend themselves.  And they also get to feign shock and dismay when a mass tragedy occurs against defenseless people.   

Just another day in Wonderland! 

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