Jerry Stackhouse Net Worth

Jerry Stackhouse is a former professional basketball player turned coach who has made a significant impact on and off the court. With a successful NBA career and a transition into coaching, Stackhouse has carved out a prominent place in the basketball world. As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be around $50 million. Let’s delve into some interesting facts about this basketball legend and explore the answers to commonly asked questions about his life and career.

Interesting Facts about Jerry Stackhouse:

1. Early Beginnings: Jerry Stackhouse was born on November 5, 1974, in Kinston, North Carolina. He attended Kinston High School, where he led his team to back-to-back state championships in 1991 and 1992. His outstanding performance on the court earned him a scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

2. NCAA Success: During his college career at UNC, Stackhouse played alongside other future NBA stars like Rasheed Wallace and Vince Carter. In his sophomore year, he led the Tar Heels to the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament. After his sophomore season, Stackhouse decided to forgo his remaining eligibility and declared for the NBA draft.

3. NBA Journey: Stackhouse was selected as the third overall pick in the 1995 NBA Draft by the Philadelphia 76ers. He played for several teams throughout his NBA career, including the Detroit Pistons, Washington Wizards, Dallas Mavericks, Milwaukee Bucks, Miami Heat, Atlanta Hawks, and Brooklyn Nets. Stackhouse was a two-time NBA All-Star, in 2000 and 2001, showcasing his scoring prowess.

4. Scoring Machine: Stackhouse had a reputation for being an exceptional scorer. In the 2000-2001 season, he led the NBA in scoring, averaging an impressive 29.8 points per game. Over the course of his career, he amassed a total of 16,409 points, showcasing his offensive prowess and versatility.

5. Coaching Career: After retiring as a player in 2013, Stackhouse transitioned into coaching. He served as an assistant coach for the Toronto Raptors before being appointed as the head coach of the Raptors 905, the Raptors’ G League affiliate team, in 2016. Stackhouse led the team to great success, winning the G League Championship in 2017.

6. Business Ventures: Apart from his basketball career, Stackhouse has also ventured into business. He is the founder and owner of Stackhouse Elite, an AAU basketball program that aims to develop young talent. This initiative allows him to give back to the community and share his knowledge and experience with aspiring players.

Common Questions about Jerry Stackhouse:

1. What is Jerry Stackhouse’s net worth?
As of 2023, Jerry Stackhouse’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million.

2. Did Jerry Stackhouse win any NBA championships?
Although Stackhouse did not win an NBA championship as a player, he did win the G League Championship as a coach with Raptors 905 in 2017.

3. What is Jerry Stackhouse doing now?
Jerry Stackhouse is currently the head coach of the Vanderbilt University men’s basketball team, a position he has held since 2019.

4. How many NBA teams did Jerry Stackhouse play for?
Jerry Stackhouse played for a total of eight NBA teams throughout his career.

5. What is Stackhouse Elite?
Stackhouse Elite is an AAU basketball program founded by Jerry Stackhouse that focuses on developing young basketball talent.

6. How many points did Jerry Stackhouse score in his NBA career?
Jerry Stackhouse scored a total of 16,409 points during his NBA career.

7. Has Jerry Stackhouse received any coaching awards?
Stackhouse was honored as the NBA G League Coach of the Year in 2017 for his successful coaching with Raptors 905.

8. Did Jerry Stackhouse win any awards in college?
Stackhouse was named the consensus National College Player of the Year in 1995 during his sophomore year at UNC.

9. Has Jerry Stackhouse ever represented the United States in international basketball?
Yes, Stackhouse won a gold medal as a member of the United States national team at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.

10. Did Jerry Stackhouse ever play in Europe?
No, Stackhouse exclusively played in the NBA throughout his professional career.

11. Does Jerry Stackhouse have any children?
Yes, Jerry Stackhouse has three children named Alexis, Antonio, and Tasha.

12. What is Jerry Stackhouse’s height and weight?
Jerry Stackhouse stands at 6 feet 6 inches (198 cm) tall and weighs approximately 218 pounds (99 kg).

13. Did Jerry Stackhouse ever win the NBA Slam Dunk Contest?
No, Jerry Stackhouse never won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, although he participated in the event in 1996 and 2000.

14. Is Jerry Stackhouse involved in any philanthropic activities?
Jerry Stackhouse is actively involved in various charitable initiatives, including his work with The Stackhouse Foundation, which focuses on providing educational opportunities for underprivileged youth.

Jerry Stackhouse’s journey from a talented high school player to an NBA star and successful coach is truly remarkable. His net worth reflects his contributions to the basketball world, while his commitment to community development and mentoring young talent showcases his character off the court. Stackhouse’s legacy continues to inspire aspiring basketball players and fans alike.

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