Matt Millen Net Worth

Title: Matt Millen Net Worth: A Closer Look at the Accomplished Football Player and Executive’s Wealth in 2023


Matt Millen is a prominent figure in the world of American football, known for his stellar career as a player and his subsequent success as an executive and commentator. With his remarkable achievements and contributions to the sport, many wonder what Matt Millen’s net worth is in 2023. In this article, we will delve into his net worth and explore six interesting facts about his career and life. Additionally, we will address 14 common questions surrounding his wealth, shedding light on unique and lesser-known information.

Matt Millen’s Net Worth in 2023

Matt Millen’s estimated net worth in 2023 is a staggering $10 million. Over the years, he has accumulated his wealth through various endeavors within the football industry, including his successful stint as a player, executive positions, and media appearances.

Six Interesting Facts about Matt Millen

1. A Versatile Football Career: Millen’s football journey began at Penn State University, where he played as a linebacker. His exceptional skills on the field earned him recognition, leading to his selection as the 43rd overall pick by the Oakland Raiders in the 1980 NFL Draft. Throughout his career, he played for various teams, including the Raiders, San Francisco 49ers, and Washington Redskins, winning four Super Bowl rings.

2. Transition to an Executive Role: After retiring from professional football, Millen shifted his focus to the executive side of the sport. In 2001, he was appointed as the President and CEO of the Detroit Lions, becoming the first person to hold both roles simultaneously in the NFL. He later served as a television analyst for ESPN and the Big Ten Network.

3. A Remarkable Broadcasting Career: Millen’s charismatic personality and insightful commentary made him a beloved figure in the broadcasting world. He showcased his expertise as a color commentator for NFL games, providing in-depth analysis and sharing his vast knowledge of the sport with fans across the nation.

4. Health Struggles and a Successful Transplant: In 2018, Millen was diagnosed with amyloidosis, a rare disease that affects multiple organs. He underwent a successful heart transplant later that year, highlighting his strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

5. Philanthropic Efforts: Millen has been actively involved in charitable endeavors throughout his career. He co-founded the “Steak Cookoff Association,” which raises funds for various charities, and has supported organizations such as the Lions’ “Living for the City” initiative, which helps underserved communities in Detroit.

6. Unique Post-Football Ventures: Beyond football, Millen has explored diverse interests. He is an accomplished musician, proficient in playing the guitar and harmonica, and has even released an album titled “Hometown Sessions.” This lesser-known facet of his life showcases his multifaceted personality.

Frequently Asked Questions about Matt Millen’s Net Worth

1. How did Matt Millen amass his net worth?
Matt Millen accumulated his wealth through his successful football career, executive roles, and media appearances.

2. What were Matt Millen’s notable accomplishments as a player?
Millen won four Super Bowl championships during his time as a player, showcasing his exceptional skills and contribution to his respective teams’ success.

3. What executive positions did Matt Millen hold?
Millen served as the President and CEO of the Detroit Lions, overseeing the team’s operations and making significant decisions to shape their future.

4. Which broadcasting networks did Matt Millen work for?
Millen has worked as a television analyst for ESPN and the Big Ten Network, providing expert commentary and analysis on NFL games.

5. How did Matt Millen’s health struggles impact his career?
Millen’s health struggles, including his battle with amyloidosis, forced him to step back from his broadcasting career temporarily. However, he made a triumphant return after his successful heart transplant.

6. What charitable causes has Matt Millen supported?
Millen has been actively involved in philanthropic efforts, co-founding the “Steak Cookoff Association” and supporting initiatives like the Lions’ “Living for the City” project.

7. What inspired Matt Millen’s foray into music?
Millen’s passion for music led him to develop his skills as a guitarist and harmonica player. His love for music has been a constant source of joy throughout his life.

8. Are there any other notable achievements in Matt Millen’s career?
Apart from his football and broadcasting careers, Millen’s successful heart transplant showcases his resilience and determination in the face of health challenges.

9. Does Matt Millen have any upcoming projects?
As of 2023, there are no specific upcoming projects announced by Matt Millen. However, he continues to be involved in various football-related activities, sharing his expertise and insights.

10. How has Matt Millen’s net worth evolved over the years?
While exact figures are not publicly available for each year, it is safe to say that Matt Millen’s net worth has grown significantly over the years due to his successful career and business ventures.

11. Has Matt Millen authored any books?
As of 2023, Matt Millen has not authored any books. However, his life story and experiences would undoubtedly make for an intriguing read.

12. What legacy has Matt Millen left in the football industry?
Millen’s contributions to the football industry, both as a player and an executive, have left a lasting impact. His success on and off the field serves as an inspiration for aspiring football players and executives.

13. Does Matt Millen still participate in football-related events?
Yes, Matt Millen continues to participate in various football-related events, often providing expert insights as a guest speaker or panelist.

14. What advice does Matt Millen have for aspiring football players and executives?
Matt Millen encourages aspiring football players and executives to work hard, be passionate about the sport, and remain dedicated to their goals, regardless of the challenges they may face.


Matt Millen’s net worth in 2023 stands at an impressive $10 million, reflecting his remarkable achievements as a player, executive, and media personality. From his versatile football career to his philanthropic endeavors and unique interests, Millen’s journey is an inspiration to many. Despite facing health challenges, he continues to make a significant impact on the football industry and remains a respected figure in the sport.

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