Chris Hughes Says That Facebook Has Not Done Enough To Protect User Data


Facebook was co-founded by Chris Hughes long ago, and he thinks that the company is not doing enough ot protect user data. This raises many questions about how privacy should be addressed, and it is interesting to hear the co-founder of the company say that it is lax in how it helps people protect their data.

Facebook Was Wrong

Chris Hughes knows that Facebook was wrong in how it handled the way that user data was either stolen or just sold. Facebook is making a lot of money every day because of that data, and Chris believes that the company is not handling data in good faith. He thinks that the company wants to make as much money as possible while sliding privacy policy changes under the noses of the people that are using the app or the site.

The Privacy Bill Of Rights

Chris also thinks that this is a matter for public policy where there must be a privacy bill of rights for people who are online. Most people are not aware of what is happening with their data, and Chris believes that Facebook is taking advantage of people instead of trying to push policy forward. Mark Zuckerberg made a fool of himself in front of a congressional committee, and he did nothing to address the problem.

Changing Privacy Rights

Chris wants to see a change in how privacy is approached, and he hopes other people will see to it that the bill of rights is made. Privacy rights must be made for the populace, and it is wise to give them something that is easy to understand. Chris understands that most of these companies make it very hard for people to understand, and he thinks that that makes privacy murky for everyone.

No Protections

Facebook has been using lax security protocols for some time, and it is interesting to see Chris Hughes talk about it because it sounds as if the company has not actually progressed. They are making more money every day, but they are not doing anything to safeguard their users. This sort of management style, Chris thinks, is indicative of Mark Zuckerberg and his relative inexperience in managing people. In effect, Zuckerberg has run off to his mansion so he does not have to deal with the problem.

What Can Facebook Do?

Facebook needs to start a brand new campaign that will help endear itself to the public once again. People are already down on Facebook, and it does not appear that the image of the company will get any better. This is where the company has not done a good job because they do not seem to have reacted to any security breaches well. They simply want people to change their passwords and accept an apology. Chris believes it is better for the company to start fresh with a brand new set of policies.

Chris Hughes knows Facebook just as well as anyone, and he knows that this company is not doing a good job helping people protect their data. Facebook could do more, but it is making too much money to care.


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