Mnuchin Thinks North Korea Sanctions Started Talks


The treasury secretary called Steve Mnuchin is mistaken when he says that Donald Trump’s sanctions on North Korea forced the peace talks that are now happening. He wants to push an agenda that the Trump White House is somehow bringing about peace. The real reason is much deeper, and it all has to do with work that the South Koreans have done over some time to convince North Korea to talk to them.

The Tension Is Too Much

Both South and North Korea simply do not have enough energy to keep up the tension that has been on since North Korea started testing missiles. The country has been trying to make its presence known, and South Korea has been nervous about it ever since. The tension was too much to sustain, and that made it impossible for both countries to function. When the Olympics came around, it was obvious that the two countries could come together because even South Koreans on the street liked to see North Korea participate.


The cooperation that most people saw at the Olympics was part of a longstanding plan by both countries to do something together at the 2018 Olympics. They shared a hockey team, and they had cheering sections from North Korea in the stands. The North Korean pairs skaters dazzled the audience, and people thought that it would be good to have these two countries do something as one. Even the sister of Kim Jong-Un came over to the Olympics to help represent her delegation.

Meeting For Peace Talks

History has shown that Nort Korea is not doing very well, and they have major problems with their economy that have caused famine and death. Sanctions from the US did not make this any worse, and it is unwise to believe that a simple edict from the PResident caused North Korea to start talking.

China Intervened

China borders North Korea, and the country has stepped in many times to help peace talks move forward. They have helped to calm many situations, and this time is no different. The treasury secretary is discounting all the things that China has done to try to help both sides come to an agreement. China did the world a favor by standing in the middle of these two nations, and they are now meeting to find common ground.

Punishment Does Not Always Work

It has been shown time and again that sanctions do not do anything. Cuba stayed under the control of Castro for decades. North Korea under the Kim family, and Angola under the dos Santos family. These countries have not been stopped from hurting their own people, and it has only gotten better when real peace talks were had. Both China and South Korea made this happen by asking North Korea to genuinely meet with them about what could be done.

It Is Just One Meeting

It is just one meeting, but it is a meeting that means a lot to the people of Korea. They can see that both countries are making an effort, and they believe that these two countries can hammer out a deal that will then stop US sanctions.

Secretary Mnuchin must get his facts straight before saying that the PResident started peace talks. The North and South Koreans have worked very hard with the Chinese, and those three parties have created a new path for peace that could see massive changes to the Korean Peninsula.


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