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Deliver your message to 40,000 readers each month. Our readers are influential opinion makers – lawmakers, journalists and activists. Placing an ad on the California Progress Report is easy and the message you select will be seen by key players in the state Capitol, nearly every reporter of consequence in California, legislative and political directors of statewide organizations, those who contribute to campaigns and causes, grassroots activists, and others who follow California public policy and politics through news searches and subscriptions to our email updates. The ad rate is $300 per month (net) for placement in the left column on the main page that also carries through to the secondary pages as articles are read. All the ads in the column move up, as preceding advertisers end their run. The ad size is 120 pixels wide by 90 pixels deep with a file size maximum of 28k. The most common format is .gif. Many advertisers also use the Macromedia Flash format for their ads. You may email us the image you want shown to readers of our site and we will place it on our server. Or, if you want, you can simply send us the web address of your image. That way, you can change the image as frequently as you wish and put new content before our audience. This is all we need:

  1. The image or web address of the image.
  2. The link that you want readers to go to when they click on your ad.
  3. Billing contact information, (name, address, phone, email)

We’ll do the rest and get your ad up immediately. Email the ad, along with billing contact information to our editor or call us at (916) 498-9608.