A Ballot Proposition Changing the Rules in California to Give Republicans a Better Chance to Keep the Presidency


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California’s electoral votes are now – and have been since statehood – allocated to the winner of the state’s popular vote for President. Winner takes all.

But Republican Presidential candidates have not been winning California’s vote.

If California’s electoral votes could be split between the two parties, then Republicans would have a better chance of winning. Especially if Republican states in the South and Midwest continued to vote Republican and allocate all of their votes on a winner take all basis.

So, there is now an initiative about to be circulated by Republicans in our state, and if passed, it would be able to apply to the 2008 election!

Get it? Let’s change the rules to benefit Republican candidates here in California. Then, let’s oppose identical changes in states where it would help Democrats.

Another example of fairness, the Republican way.

In the middle of an investigation into Republican use of the Justice Department to benefit Republicans while dampening the votes of minority group Democrats comes this bold new proposal.

The Chair of the California Republican Party says we should “study” it.

Fortunately, voters in Presidential primary elections include millions of voters not affiliated with the Republican Party. Not just Democrats, but voters who “decline to state” a party affiliation. They will vote against any initiative deemed to give one party an unfair advantage – as this one does. (Most especially during this period of Bush Republicanism).

But the real point is to force the Democrats to spend money defeating this unfair proposal. Deflating Democratic coffers will enhance the spending edge always enjoyed by the “party of the wealthy”.

Outrageous plans put forward by Republicans – whether openly or with stealth – should be counter-posed with the demands of Senate Republicans for “respect” as they hold up California’s budget. Claims that they do so out of principle should be compared with their behavior in something like this scam to steal electoral votes and fix yet another Presidential Election.

Editorial demands for “civility” in politics are not even handed. Democrats behave civilly. Republicans don’t.

Bill Cavala was Deputy Director of the Assembly Speaker’s Office of Member Services where he worked for over 30 years.

He attended undergraduate and graduate school in the 1960’s and received a doctorate in political science at UC Berkeley. He taught political science at UC Berkeley during the 1970’s while he worked part-time for the State Assembly.

Cavala left teaching at UC Berkeley and went to work for Assembly Speaker Willie Brown in 1981 until his tenure as Speaker ended in 1995, and he has worked for his five successors as Speaker up to and including Speaker Fabian Nunez.

Mr. Cavala manages election campaigns for Democratic candidates.


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