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Democrats Capture 6 of 8 State Offices–All Except Governor and Insurance Commissioner–Pick up Pombo Congressional Seat and Retain Big Edges in Legislature


When all the votes are counted, California remains as firmly in the control of Democrats as it was before the election.

Democratic candidates have won all of the state races with the exception of the Governor’s race and that of the Insurance Commissioner. Democrat Debra Bowen beat appointed incumbent Bruce McPherson in the race for Secretary of State. Basically the Democrats swapped the Secretary of State position for that of the Insurance Commissioner. Whether or not only includes Democrat Jack O’Connell, who won re-election to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction (a non partisan race), the Democrats have won the same number of state constitutional offices as before.

United States Senator Dianne Feinstein and newly elected Attorney General Jerry Brown won their offices by a slightly higher margin than Governor Schwarzenegger won his.

Democrats picked up one Congressional seat with the election of Jerry McNerney who beat 7 term Richard Pombo. They now have 34 of California’s 53 seats in Congress and the Republicans only 19.

Democrats retain firm control of the legislature. In the Assembly, there are two races that are close enough that the remaining provisional ballots and uncounted day of election absentee ballots may affect the outcome. In the 80th Assembly District, which Bonnie Garcia is ahead by 1135 votes with all precints reporting, it appears she has narrowly retained her seat. Democrat Nicole Parra also appears to have retained her Assembly seat with 1530 votes to spare. Provisional ballots usually favor the Democrats by a fair margin and day of election ballots may favor the Republicans, but usually by slightly less margins. It is probable that neither of these races will result in these seats switching parties.

In the State Senate, Republican Lynn Daucher leads Democrat Lou Correa by 10 votes. Without knowing the numbers of provisional and absentee uncounted ballots, it is a coin toss who will win that Senate seat.

So it looks likely Democrats will continue to hold a 48 to 32 advantage in the 80 member Assembly and 24 or 25 Democratic State Senators in the 40 member upper house.


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