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Scientific Study Reveals That Conservatives Lack Brain Power – Unable To Break Bad Habits, Correct Mistakes


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Like others, I’ve always believed conservatives to be brain dead. Now science tells us that it may be true.

In a series of studies the anterior cingulated cortex – that part of the brain that steers normal people away from habitual behavior in the face of evidence of new situations – doesn’t work well in those of a conservative bent.

This is another way of saying that Republicans are congenitally stubborn?

Viewed from another perspective, however, it means that we Democrats should be slow to use moral condemnation when criticizing conservatives. After all, they can’t help themselves.

Like alcoholism, conservatism is a sickness, not a choice.

Conservatives anonymous?

It may, however, be time to rethink the question of providing these handicapped people with the franchise. Can they be trusted with the vote? Won’t conservative voters continue in their bad habits of voting for other mentally deficient people?

It’s a conundrum.

At least and at last it explains the President’s inability to retreat from his disastrous
Iraqi policy. That part of the brain that faces conflict, admits mistakes and strikes out on a new course isn’t working very well.

Conservatives. And lemmings.

Bill Cavala was Deputy Director of the Assembly Speaker’s Office of Member Services where he worked for over 30 years.

He attended undergraduate and graduate school in the 1960’s and received a doctorate in political science at UC Berkeley. He taught political science at UC Berkeley during the 1970’s while he worked part-time for the State Assembly.

Cavala left teaching at UC Berkeley and went to work for Assembly Speaker Willie Brown in 1981 until his tenure as Speaker ended in 1995, and he has worked for his five successors as Speaker up to and including Speaker Fabian Nunez.

Mr. Cavala manages election campaigns for Democratic candidates.


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