Two Lessons for California Voters: Don’t Trust Phony Slate Mailers and the Tobacco Industry2 min read



Courtesy of huge sums paid by tobacco companies, a recent slate mailer sent to 4 million California voters implied that U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein opposed Proposition 86 even though in fact she is a strong supporter of it. This has Senator Feinstein livid about the use of her picture on what is deceptively called “a Voter Information Guide for Democrats,” but in reality states positions for the highest bidder among many of those that pay to be on it.


“I just want to say, I know nothing of this. I was not consulted about it, I was not asked about my endorsement,” Feinstein said at a rally yesterday in support of this anti-smoking proposition. She was surrounded by volunteers representing the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, American Lung Association, children’s organizations, hospitals and doctors. Feinstein said during the rally. “Voters need to know that I am strongly in support of Proposition 86 because it will save lives.”

“This is just one more incident that demonstrates voters need to be vigilant about educating themselves about ballot issues,” said Maria Robles, RN, spokesperson for the Yes on 86 Coalition. “The tobacco industry will stop at nothing to confuse voters into opposing 86. A week ago they stooped to touting support from a phony LA chamber of commerce, when in fact the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce is in staunch support of 86. They have tried to pay off doctors to speak against the initiative. And now, here they are, using a mailer with Senator Feinstein on it in an attempt to get Democrats to think she opposes 86, when in fact she is a very strong supporter. Once again, they will do, say and spend anything to kill Proposition 86, because they know it will greatly reduce smoking.”

No one should be surprised that the purveyor of this slime also collected $300,000 dollars from oil companies campaigning against Prop. 87 and the resulting position of the guide.

For the official recommendations of the California Democratic Party go here. You will see that they are supporting both Propositions 86 and 87.

If you want to see what the California Democratic Party slate mailing looks like, go here.


If you are confused, look for these words: “Your Official California Democratic Party Voter Guide.”

And if you want to find out any more information about who is financing any slate card mailings you get, go to the California Secretary of State site. Here is the place where all slate mailers are listed and with a little bit of work you can figure out where all the money has come from.

Then you’ll know who you can trust, and not just on a particular slate card, but on these two ballot propositions in particular.


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