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CPR’s Purpose 

The California Progress Report is an independent online journal that covers a wide range of vital public policy issues. The Consumer Federation of California Education Foundation, a non-profit organization, publishes the California Progress Report as a public service. Opinions expressed in articles, comments and links appearing in the California Progress Report are those of the author, and may not reflect the opinion of its publisher. Our limited staffing does not allow California Progress Report to fact check the content of articles. Advertisements in the California Progress Report do not constitute an endorsement by the CFC Education Foundation or the California Progress Report.

Frank Russo founded the California Progress Report in 2006 and served as its editor through 2008. Since 2009, the CFC Education Foundation has published the site in the spirit that Frank established – as an open forum for progressive voices to reach a wider audience on current events that affect our state and our world. 

The California Progress Report offers an online megaphone to advocates campaigning for economic justice, global sustainability, civil rights and civil liberties, government reform and many other areas. We help to fill the void in covering the news at the State Capitol and we offer guest column opportunities to writers with fresh insights on the news.  Link here for information on submitting articles.


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