Botox maker may have a Game-Changer for depression


According to Allergen CEO and Chairman Brent Saunders, he believes that his company has created a new depression treatment drug that could completely change the market. Botox Maker, Allergan, says this new drug has the capability to transform the world when it comes to looking at depression treatment overall. He adds that Rapastinel is in phase 3 and they will gather data from that in the coming next year. He is convinced it will absolutely change the game when it comes to dealing with depression. It’s also important to note that research has shown depression has as a top cause of death, among many, especially when it comes to the younger generation and suicide. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reveals depression leads as a disability in the United States among ages 15 and 44. While the Allergen drug waits for approval from the Food and Drug Administration during its phase 3 trial, it will focus on this type of treatment. Saunders is very hopeful in the benefits of the drug where he believes mental health is a largely ignored medical issue. He further adds that they are conducting a study on suicides with the drug as well.


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