Until very recently, security systems that use artificial intelligence were reserved for military and government use.

But a new American company just changed the rules of the game. For the first time, this advanced technology (used to hunt down terrorists or protect the US president) is available to the public.

Yes, you read that right.

You can protect your home and family with the same technology used to protect the White House.

And get this: It’s ridiculously cheap. (It costs as much as a pack of gum a day).

In fact, we can confirm with absolute certainty that the company that launched this technology just created a real revolution in the home security industry.

You don’t have to believe the words of the journalist writing these sentences if you don’t want to. Being skeptical about any information you find online is always more than recommended.

But you should pay attention to and find credible the richest man in the world. Indeed, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and the richest man in the world, has rushed to invest millions of dollars in the company selling this technology¹.

And what does it mean that Jeff Bezos is backing this revolutionary security system?

Well, according to Bezos, the most successful visionary of our time, we are approaching the future of home security. And not only that, but the support from Bezos shows us that he himself trusts in this project, which has passed his high standards for quality.

Bezos does not support mediocre products.

Bezos does not support products that don’t meet his very high expectations. Support from Bezos is synonymous with extreme quality, efficiency, and most importantly, products that leave customers highly satisfied.

They are DeepSentinel.com –And they can make your home the safest one in the neighborhood

Deep Sentinel, headquartered in San Francisco, is the revolutionary company that has received support from Bezos and marked a milestone in home security.

The Deep Sentinel system is composed of 3 latest-generation wireless cameras placed outside your home, setting an intelligent perimeter—a zone that is continually analyzed and monitored by Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms.

But the Deep Sentinel system is much more than the latest technology in AI and threat detection…

With Deep Sentinel, you will also have real security guards monitoring your home.

Indeed, Deep Sentinel is the perfect combination of innovation (you have the most advanced artificial intelligence algorithms detecting threats) and traditional safety (the reliability of having real, human security guards monitoring your home 24/7).

Leave the family alone and unprotected at home? Never again

I’m sure you’ve had the misfortune of having to go through this situation more than once:

You have to leave home for a few days, either for work, to visit family out of state, or go fishing with your friends.

You have to leave your wife (or your husband) and the kids home alone.

And you can’t stop thinking about it.

Over and over again.

What if something happens to them?

What if something happens to them and I’m not there to protect them?

It’s normal: Everyone who loves their family has that same feeling.

You might already have a CCTV video surveillance system. But you know perfectly well that, even though the attackers would be caught on camera, no one would do anything to alert the police or protect your family.

Maybe you have a traditional alarm system. And again, you know perfectly well that from the moment motion is detected… to the alarm going off… to the alarm company calling… to the second call… to the agent alerting the police… to the time the police arrive… 30–45 minutes can pass easily.

More than enough time for the worst to happen.

I apologize for asking you these questions. I know perfectly well that these are difficult and unpleasant points to make. But these uncomfortable questions help us plan for the future and avoid tragedies.

To quote Benjamin Franklin, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”

To quote Benjamin Franklin, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”.

Returning to the topic at hand, thanks to Deep Sentinel, your family will never be home alone again. Deep Sentinel cameras are monitored 24/7 by real, trained security guards.

Moreover, the security guards can (and will) talk through the cameras to stop threats before they happen. We explain exactly how the system works and the security guards’ protocols further down.

We’re only going to stress one thing: Deep Sentinel alerts the police and emergency services faster than any other private security company.

They can do it in literally seconds if the threat requires it.

Even if the threat is not external, such as a fire or a medical emergency, the Deep Sentinel security guards will be there to help you.

Neither you nor your family will ever be alone or unprotected at home again

In other words, neither you nor your family will ever be alone or unprotected again thanks to the professional security guards monitoring your home 24/7.

(Of course, if you have privacy concerns, know that you can use the Deep Sentinel app on your smartphone to pospone surveillance of your home for a few minutes. Or hours. Imagine that you are going to have a party in your yard with family and friends and realize that there’s no need for the security guards to be “present” for those private moments. Just open the app and pospone human surveillance for, let’s say, 8 hours).

We’ve reached the point where you’re thinking that a security system like this—that could easily be used by Hollywood stars—would cost you a fortune. Nothing could be further from the truth: It costs as much as buying a pack of gum a day.

As you can see, choosing Deep Sentinel isn’t a matter of money. It’s mainly a matter of wanting to make your home as safe as possible for yourself and your family.

Is there anyone who can’t afford a pack of gum a day?

Deep Sentinel installation, technology and protocols


To ensure that every reader can adequately understand how such a novel system works, we would like to go over everything that happens from the time you order Deep Sentinel from their website to the time the first threat to your home is detected, something that, sadly, you can be sure will happen sooner or later.

1. We buy the Deep Sentinel surveillance kit from their  website

This kit, composed of 3 cameras and a central processing hub, is about the same price as traditional CCTV surveillance kits, except that this is much more technologically advanced, powered by AI, and has real security guards.

URGENT UPDATE: Deep Sentinel is running a promotional offer right now, offering the complete Deep Sentinel Surveillance Package for almost half of the price on their website. We have no knowledge of how long this offer will last, but it’s something temporary.

Deep Sentinel cameras are equipped with motion detectors, night vision, infrared LEDs, and 104 dB professional speakers. (To give you an idea, on average, nightclubs have lower decibel levels).

The package also includes an installation kit that makes possible to have Deep Sentinel installed in a few minutes

As previously mentioned, the pack also includes the central hub, which is in charge of coordinating and interpreting the information captured by the cameras and motion detectors. In other words, this central processor is responsible for creating the security perimeter around your property and applying the AI and recognition mechanisms.

The entire system comes pre-trained from the factory, meaning that it’s able to recognize any type of threat and effectively analyze the environment as soon as it’s installed.

But that’s not all.

Deep Sentinel has built-in deep learning mechanisms that will augment the artificial intelligence day after day. Greater efficiency, greater security, greater accuracy.

2. We install the surveillance kit in our home

So I have to install the Deep Sentinel surveillance kit myself?

Not exactly. The Deep Sentinel pack includes a complete installation kit that allows you to get the system up and running in just 10 minutes.

But you won’t be alone during the installation process.

Deep Sentinel security guards will help you during the installation process and make sure that everything is working properly. Remember that every single camera is connected to the security guards, who can see, hear, and speak through them.

The cameras are weatherproof (IP65 waterproof level). Built to handle snow, wind, sun and rain.

In other words, you will install the system yourself, but you will be supervised by professionally trained security guards who will make sure that everything works perfectly.

This guided installation process is a brilliant strategy to eliminate installation costs (which would be several hundred dollars if done by a professional). At the same time, remote supervision by Deep Sentinel security guards guarantees that the process will be done correctly and without incident.

Of course, how could it be any other way? Deep Sentinel has an app for Android and iOS from which you can monitor your home in real time, receive alarms if there is a threat to your home, pospone surveillance of the perimeter for a few hours, or watch recorded videos.

3. Deep Sentinel is now installed –How will it handle threats?

There’s no better way to understand exactly how the Deep Sentinel proactive defense system will work in real life than to compare its response to that of a traditional alarm system.

The same situation, two technologies. And two completely different results.


0′ 00”

There’s a hooded man watching your home from the street, without crossing the security perimeter

Real footage from an assault/burglary stopped thanks to Deep Sentinel

It is very possible that, even though the individual has not crossed the security perimeter, artificial intelligence algorithms pick up a potential threat and pay attention to whether the individual crosses the perimeter of your home.

Regular home alarm

Nothing happens. If you have closed-circuit cameras in the garden, the individual may be recorded.

0′ 05”

The hooded man is in your garden, having crossed the security perimeter

Real footage from an assault/burglary stopped thanks to Deep Sentinel

Artificial intelligence algorithms detect a potential threat in less than a second. The individual’s clothing and behavior are both suspicious.

The algorithms immediately send an alarm signal to a security guard, who will take charge of the potential threat. From this point forward, the assailant is being watched live.

Regular home alarm

Nothing happens.

0′ 09”

The assailant approaches your porch and snoops around your window

In this moment the Deep Sentinel security guard is intervening with the first phase of the protocol

The security guard confirms that the threat is real. They open a communication channel with the assailant and loudly warn them that they are on private property and must leave immediately.

Possibility of neutralizing the threat:


Regular home alarm

Nothing else happens.

Possibility of neutralizing the threat:


0′ 18”

The assailant attempts to force the window to enter your home

Dramatization – The assault/burglary of which we were seeing images never happened thanks to Deep Sentinel’s agent intervention

The security guard raises the threat level, connects the emergency sirens, and loudly orders the assailant to stop. The assailant is informed that the police are being notified and on their way. The security guard opens a communication channel with the police.

Possibility of neutralizing the threat:


Regular home alarm

Nothing happens.

Possibility of neutralizing the threat:



0′ 51”

The assailant forces the window and enters your home

Dramatization – The assault/burglary of which we were seeing images never happened thanks to Deep Sentinel’s agent intervention

The Deep Sentinel security guard has already notified the police, who are on their way and with whom they maintain an open channel of communication.

The police categorize the threat as “high priority” since it is an “ongoing” verified crime. While the unit is en route, the security guard gives them a thorough description of the assailant, informs them whether they are armed, and explains where he entered the house.

Regular home alarm

The alarm system is triggered. Since the probability of a false alarm is 98%, the alarm company calls your home to verify what happened³.

5′ 51”

5 minutes have passed since the attack. It is very likely that the assailant is still in your home

Yes, in the previous assault/burglary attempt the police came in a few minutes responding to Deep Sentinel’s agent call —although the crime never happened.

If you live in a big city with a police department that can respond quickly (like San Francisco, Houston, Los Angeles, or New York, where police respond in around 5 minutes on average³), it’s very likely that the police are already at your house, detaining the assailant in the act.

Regular home alarm

You didn’t answer their first call, so they will likely call a second time before alerting the police.

10′ 51”

10 minutes have passed since the attack. The assailant may be in your home

Dramatization – The assault/burglary of which we were seeing images never happened thanks to Deep Sentinel’s agent intervention

Statistically speaking, there is a high likelihood that the police have arrived and are arresting the assailant.

Regular home alarm

You didn’t answer their second call, so the appropriate police department has been notified. The average time it takes for a traditional alarm to contact the police is 8 to 10 minutes.⁴ Moreover, the police department knows that 98% of calls from traditional alarm companies are false alarms caused by animals, the wind, sensor failures, etc.⁵

They put this alert at the bottom of their list of priorities. It isn’t a verified attack.

20′ 51”

20 minutes have passed since the attack. The assailant has very probably left

Dramatization – With Deep Sentinel there’s many more opportunities to arrest the  criminals.

It’s highly probable that the police arrived a while ago. If the assailant fled, units have a detailed description of the individual provided by the professional security guard, as well as recorded images, which drastically increases the likelihood that they will be detained within minutes/hours if they have escaped.

Regular home alarm

It’s very likely that the police still haven’t arrived. Since it isn’t a verified crime, police departments know that these calls are, in 98% of cases, a waste of time for them. When they arrive, the assailant will already be gone.

They won’t have a description of the individual, so finding them will be nearly impossible.

As you can see, comparing traditional alarm systems with Deep Sentinel is like comparing a horse-drawn carriage with a Tesla.

They belong to different eras.

Do police treat a call from Deep Sentinel security guards the same as a call from a traditional alarm company?

Absolutely not.

First of all, Deep Sentinel was developed from the beginning in cooperation with over 50 police departments.

Deep Sentinel was created to give police only and exactly what they need to be able to act as quickly and efficiently as possible. Deep Sentinel is integrated into police protocols and makes their job easier.

No one can explain better than these law enforcement officers in person:

When the police receive a notification from a Deep Sentinel security guard, it is automatically categorized as “high priority” since it is an ongoing crime verified by a professional security guard.

On the other hand, when the police receive an unverified notification from a traditional alarm company, they know perfectly well that there is a 98% likelihood that it is a false alarm. This notification is automatically placed at the bottom of their list of priorities.

Where do you want the protection of your home and family to be?

At “high priority”? Or at the bottom of the police’s list of tasks?

Are Deep Sentinel security guards well trained?

It makes sense to think that a system as affordable as Deep Sentinel, which costs only $1.65/day (as much as a pack of gum), would employ poorly trained and poorly paid security guards.

It’s plausible.

However, after doing some research on the protocols and training followed by their security guards, we realize that it’s the total opposite.

Deep Sentinel’s guards are required to undergo trainings in a continual basis

In fact, we venture to assert that there are few security guards as prepared and well trained as those who work for Deep Sentinel. To summarize and give you an idea:

  • Security guards do not participate in a single “one and done” training. The agents are subject to ongoing evaluation on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. They undergo the necessary training on a continual basis.
  • Security guards receive instructions and detailed protocols to follow for suspicious behavior identification, explicit and implicit bias training, and de-escalation situations and how to properly engage with potential intruders.
  • Agents are trained in the most effective communication method and know perfectly well which strategies are most effective in detaining assailants.
  • They are also trained on how to provide physical descriptions of suspects and in weapon identification—including size, shape, gesture, in-hand—vs. “unknown object” alerts, information of critical importance to the police.
  • All agents are trained in the latest APCO standards in public safety communication. They know how to avoid overloading the dispatcher and how to offer ongoing tactical support to the police.

At Deep Sentinel, they make one thing very clear. As advanced as their artificial intelligence algorithms are, their security system can only be exceptional if the security guards who monitor it are also exceptional.

Final thoughts: Don’t allow your family to be the weakest sheep in the flock

When a wolf attacks a flock of sheep, it doesn’t attack the strongest or the fastest sheep.

The wolf always attacks the weakest, slowest, and most unprotected sheep.

“You don’t want the roof over your family’s head to be the weakest sheep in the neighborhood”

And believe us: You don’t want the roof over your family’s head to be the weakest sheep in the neighborhood… Because thieves and assailants think the same way as wolves.

Would they attack a house when they know that, as soon as they approach the door or window, a professional security guard is watching them and loudly talking to them through the speakers, sirens are going off at 104 decibels, and the police have already been notified and are on their way and about to catch them in the act?

The journalist writing this article isn’t a thief…

But if I had to be, I would obviously choose the least protected houses, those with traditional alarm systems (where police take up to 30 or 45 minutes to arrive). Or those that don’t even have an alarm. Or even houses protected by traditional CCTV surveillance camera systems, or by doorbell cams, where nobody will sound the alarm or know what happened until it’s too late…

And if there’s one thing that stands out to us after researching and writing about Deep Sentinel, it’s that, thanks to this security system, we will never be the weakest sheep in the flock again.

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Transparency notice: If you purchase Deep Sentinel through one of the links in this article, InvestorTimes.com will receive a small referral bonus. If for any reason you do not want us to receive this bonus for referring you, you can use this direct link to Deep Sentinel or access their website directly by typing “deepsentinel.com” into your browser’s address bar.



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